Tourism and leisure in Sultanahmet, Turkey

المسافرون العرب

New guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in the Sultanahmet region of Turkey, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, as it contains a lot of tourist attractions and historical monuments, which include mosques or museums and gardens, as well as churches, which is a historical destination for the ancient city of Istanbul that expresses The ancient Ottoman Empire, Arab travelers help you get to know Sultan Ahmed Palace and the most important historical places in it.

Sultan Ahmed area

The city of Sultan Ahmed is located in the center of Istanbul, where it was named after Sultan Ahmed, who was born in 1590 in the city of Manisa in the Aegean region, and he was the son of Sultan Mehmed III, and he died in 1617, where he was buried in the mausoleum next to the Sultan Ahmed district mosque, this region is characterized as having a huge number of The historical monuments of the Ottoman Empire, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Egyptian Market, and many distinctive architecture such as churches and museums, which are visited annually by about 2 million visitors, whether citizens or tourists.

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The most important tourist places in the Sultanahmet area

  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque “Blue Mosque”

Of the most beautiful and famous mosques in Istanbul, there are six distinct and unique minarets, designed on the always different and distinctive Ottoman heritage, and it is the largest number of minarets in Turkish mosques, and it is considered a masterpiece in its construction, because it blended between the old Ottoman Islamic architecture And among the Byzantine engineering that became famous at this time, the construction of Al-Bunni began in the mosque in 1609 and was completed in 1616 by order of Sultan Ahmed.

  • The Egyptian market

One of the most popular markets in Sultanahmet in Istanbul, which is located in the European section of the city in Eminonu in the Fatih region, which is the largest eastern market that expresses the old Ottoman culture, it has many original oriental spices distinguished by their wonderful and rich aroma, and the second market is classified in Istanbul after the Grand Bazaar, and this name was given due to the coming of spices from India and the Asian continent through Egypt before its arrival in Istanbul via ships in the White Sea.
The L-shaped market is built in English, and the main entrance opposite the new mosque from the southwest. Many shop owners inside the market speak Arabic and other languages ​​such as English.

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  • Gulhane Park

The history of Gulhane Park extends to the era of the Ottoman Empire, and it is considered part of the Topkapi Palace except that they have separated it into a public park visited by whoever wants, through visiting the park you can enjoy its wonderful natural scenery and the beauty, which consists of various types of flowers and large and vast green areas, Also, there is a water table that you can sit by and enjoy the flow of water inside.
You can visit the garden during the spring to enjoy the diversity of different flowers and roses within it that grow in this season to give a glimpse of beauty to the garden, including yellow, red, white and pink tulips, there is a cafe in Gulhane park overlooking the Bosphorus strait, which helps you to drink drinks, whether hot such as Turkish tea or Turkish coffee, along with a wonderful view of the sea.

  • Topkapi Palace

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sultan Ahmed, and it was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire based on an order from Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, and it was converted into a museum since the fall of the state, and it was recently expanded and enlightened, and it is one of the most attractive places for tourists to witness its history, which was considered ancient It is a center for decision-making within the Ottoman Empire, and it was also a center for the establishment of sultans in the state from 1465 to 1856 AD, until the Dolmabahce Palace was built to become the main center after that.

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  • The Grand Bazaar

This market was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh in 1451 AD, and was completed and started work in 1481 AD, and it was called the Covered Market, because it is completely covered from above, and it has large and giant windows that provide entry to the air and daylight, and it is built for the purpose of being a meeting place There are merchants from all different sides, where anyone entering or leaving the Sultan Ahmed Mosque was visited with the aim of buying goods or trading in them, and among the most famous types of commerce in the past are gold, fabric, and carpets, which is visited daily between 250 thousand visitors to 400 thousand visitors.

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