Tourism in Belarus … the best Belarusian sights

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Belarus Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is also what is called Belarus. It is a country geographically located in the Eastern European region. Russia borders to the north, Ukraine to the south, Poland to its western borders, and Lithuania and Latvia to its northwestern borders. Minsk is the most important Belarusian city and the capital of Belarus, as well as from other major cities, we find Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilov and Vitebsk, and Belarus is characterized by its forests that extend to 40% of the country.

Tourism in Belarus

Belarus has a good number of tourist areas, most of which are considered primarily recreational and attract many tourists and visitors to spend enjoyable times, as this is encouraged by the good treatment of the residents of Belarus, as there is no racism, abuse of foreigners, or intransigence against anyone, just as the residents of Belarus They can deal in a number of languages ​​such as the Russian language, which is the basis in the country, and in addition to that many of them are proficient in the English language and the German language, and the Russian ruble is the official currency of the country and compared to the dollar, 16000 Russian rubles is equal to the value of one dollar, which helps tourists to Enjoy their visits at simple and affordable prices

The best tourist attractions in Belarus

Ferris wheel’s

Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsThe spinning wheel is the best tourist attraction in Belarus, located specifically in the GORKY Park, and it is one of the best means by which to see the various sides of the country from different directions, since from the top of the spinning wheel a person can get a wonderful view of the entire city center, He also sees its most prominent landmarks such as the KASTRYČNICKAJA square and the SVISLOCH river curves area, as well as seeing the memorial in the Victory Square, and this experience is interesting and enjoyable, but it is a little scary for those who suffer and fear the heights. Read also: Tourism in Latvia.

National Theater of Opera and Ballet

1581227267 425 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights

Many tourists go to this theater, especially from the upper classes, to civilized, and interested in literature, science, culture and mental pleasure more than false entertainment, so if the person is a fan of arts and ballet dancers and various movement and artistic performances then he can find more than a wonderful opportunity to enjoy inside the National Ballet Theater which The most important of the most important features of Belarus. The National Ballet Theater is characterized by its cheap and very low prices if compared to such theaters in Europe and America, and it is also a great opportunity to tour around Minsk and enjoy seeing many opera and arts performances and Various cultural talents in a number of theaters are famous for their impressive architectural design.

Russian museums attract many tourists
Azgur Museum

1581227267 780 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsBelarus is famous for its wonderful art museums, which contain among its sides wonderful displays, antiques, and ancient antique statues. Tourists are interested in visiting the Russian national museums because they also contain wonderful historical paintings. Visitors can also enjoy a picnic in the silent halls of the National Art Museum, and among the most famous of these museums we find a museum National history and museum called Azgur, which contains a large number of statues and wonderful sculptures. Read also: travel advice to Poland ..

Belarusian cuisine is one of the most beautiful kitchens in the world

1581227267 938 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsThe kitchens of Belarus, in particular the kitchens of Minsk, Belarus, are among the most beautiful kitchens that appeal to tourists and have many and distinct experiences for a large number of delicious and delicious foods, which vary between vegetarian dishes of various healthy nutritional values ​​that are cooked in front of tourists in the most kind and in a sterile and healthy atmosphere. The Belarusian cuisine contains multiple dishes of meat, grilled food, various types of soup, and nutritious fast food; all this has made Belarus the center of world-famous restaurants such as CRAND CAFE restaurants, CAFE DE PARIS restaurants, BISTOR DE LUXE restaurants, as well as many restaurants. It has branches all over the world.

The famous commercial food market in “Komarovka”

1581227267 246 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsThe famous Komarovka Market in Minsk is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Belarus, which contains large numbers of products and necessary food commodities needed by the residents of Belarus and visitors during their trip, as dairy is abundant and fresh fruits and vegetables are available. Moreover, sellers in those markets are well known for their respect for tourists And good treatment and courtesy and try to please them all the time in one way or another. Also read: Tourist places in Poland

Belarus Stadium of Belarus and enjoy watching a football match

1581227267 256 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsBelarus or Belarus is famous for its beautiful stadiums and famous clubs known to the whole world, for example, the Belarusian Football Club, and many tourists seek to visit the Belarus Stadium and enjoy watching the players during training or in the official matches held there, and Arab tourists can also enjoy watching a great variety of other sports It is widely available in the Arab world, such as hockey and others. Also, there are regular periodic competitions for basketball players.

Bicycle paths..and enjoy fun tours

1581227267 215 Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sights - Tourism in Belarus ... the best Belarusian sightsThe sport of cycling and tourist tours that can be used for cycling is one of the most important, most beautiful and most enjoyable trips that any visitor can get, as there are many paths for bicycles in Belarus, which are frequently visited by tourists in the summer, and these paths are characterized by adequate security away On crossing cars or other vehicles, the Loshitsa Park is considered one of the most famous parks and regions of Belarus, which includes safe bike lanes to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful scenery and calm and safe rest. There are also a number of parks and paths for hiking or else Relax in the garden or outside on any of the beautiful city streets.


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