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The city of Athens

The city of Athens (English: ATHENS) is the capital of the state of Greece, and the modern center of various cultural, economic, industrial and political activities of the country, and is home to archaeological sites and ancient classic monuments, and includes many museums, luxury shopping places, and old neighborhoods, from which you can reach To all Greek islands after a ferry trip through the port of Piraeus.

Delphi Archaeological Museum

The Delphi Archaeological Museum is one of the most amazing museums in Greece, giving a special impression of museums, buildings, and color-painted statues and other displays. It includes many antiquities dating back to the eighth century BC, and contains a different set of statues , And many of the rooms where the works of Hercules and Theseus are shown.

Santorini Islands

The five islands of Santorini are located in southern Greece, and provide tourists with a variety of different destinations, as they can be directed from Athens by plane, or from Piraeus by ferry or plane, and includes modern places and ancient traditional villages, in addition to the spread of vineyards, The houses are painted white, and Thira is the largest island of Santorini, which is located on top of an inactive volcano in the middle of the Mediterranean, and it is a great place to see many areas of Greece, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sunset.


Andros is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Greece, offering the visitor many opportunities to explore the scenic nature on a trip through waterfalls, or climbing green hills, and can enjoy hiking in parks and gardens, and water sports, such as diving and surfing.

Additional tourist places in Greece

Greece has many unique tourist places that can be visited, including the following:

  • Pelion: It is a small mountain village, characterized by the ability to spend quiet evenings, eating local dishes such as pasta or cooked rabbits, and provides an opportunity to spend time on the shores of uninhabited beaches, and it is noted that it includes skiing resorts in the winter.
  • Corfu (English: Corfu): It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and includes the famous Byzantine Angelokastro Castle (English: Angelokastro), in addition to a group of beautiful classic buildings, a group of clubs, cafes, and wonderful resorts to spend the evening.
  • Amorgos Island (English: Amorgos): It is located five and a half hours from Athens, and includes wonderful sites for camping, in addition to many archaeological sites and natural paths, places for climbing and restaurants that provide the opportunity to eat traditional foods in the city.

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