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Tourism in Hungary

Hungary is considered one of the best attractive tourist destinations in Europe, due to its location which mediates Europe despite its small size, but it is a country that embraces many historical and cultural sites and monuments, Romen churches and multiple national parks, in addition to what we will mention in the following article, and is considered the main tourist season for Hungary It is the warm summer, which extends between July and August.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary, the most visited city in the country, as it hosts a number of museums and multiple monuments such as the medieval castle area and the Buda Castle, which is located at the top of its hills, and which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was designed in the thirteenth century and was rebuilt on Modern style after World War II, Buda Castle has the Hungarian National Gallery, Grand Throne Room and Cave Labyrinth, and has seven towers that give attractive views of Budapest.

Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is embodied in the importance of it being the largest thermal lake in Europe, which is visited by approximately 2.5 million tourists annually in order to spend their vacation to enjoy the picturesque and wonderful nature, and embraces many hotels and health resorts, and also provides visitors with the opportunity to walk long distances through its lands and sea where this is possible through Take a hike in the national park or sail across the lake.

Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum in the Hungarian state hosts many diverse antiquities dating back to the prehistoric origins, in addition to many historical pieces that represent the history of Hungary until the year 1849 AD, which also includes the Hungarian coronation, and there is also a branch of the National Museum is the Hungarian Natural History Museum .

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