Tourism in Malaysia for children, the Malaysian city has many recreational arenas for children, especially with the spread of gaming cities, as well as natural spaces in the Malaysian islands and cities, which provide beaches and waterfalls, which children find great fun. And about the tourist places for children in Malaysia, we talk in the article of Arab travelers.

Tourism in Malaysia for children

  • Tourist attractions suitable for children’s trips to Malaysia include many activities that they can take, alone or with their parents.

The most beautiful theme parks in Malaysia

Sunway LagoonIt is considered one of the most important gaming cities in Malaysia. It is located in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. It contains five parks, which are the Aquatic Park, Theme Park, Wildlife Park, Horror City, and Exciting Games Park.
Sunway is a suspended bridge, airship and interactive zoo, and an artificial beach and surfing can be enjoyed.
Sunway Games City
The city of Berjaya Times Square: It takes advantage of two floors of a mall of the same name, and it has a fantasy garden and Galaxy station. And they have games like DNA Mixer, Odyssey Roller, Spinning Orbit, Ort Express, and more.
The city of Berjaya Times Square

I City Theme Park: Known as the city of digital lights, lights surround all of its games.
I City Theme Park
resort Mainz WonderlandAvailable in: Musical Fountain, Wonderland Rain, Snow House, Petronas Towers and Big Ben Hour. Water taxi, trams, sleds and classic cars can be taken.
Mainz Wonderland Resort
There is an amusement park Austin HeightsIt includes water games, ski games and electric car races.
Austin Heights
Genting Highlands Theme Park It is a common pleasure for adults and children; it features a city of horror, water games, cable car experience, video games and other children’s games.
Genting Highlands Theme Park
Desario Water Park : This theme park is associated with a resort of the same name, so most of its games are water games.
Legoland : Which is located on the side of the Singapore highway, and it enjoys a wide variety of activities and recreational games, in addition to providing shopping, hospitality, restaurants and cafes services.

The best tourist places in Malaysia for children

You can visit birds Garden, Which carries thousands of numbers of domestic and international birds, which roam around the place without any trace of cages.
birds Garden
This is in addition to a visit KLLC Aquariums, Which gives children the opportunity to enjoy watching sharks, turtles and other fish.
Your children also need more adventure in the theme park Sky Trix, Which gives pleasure to explore by wandering or doing camping activities.
Sky Trix
You can also go to Petrosins Science Center, Which provides a large variety of games that help the child discover a lot of abilities and information on his own.
Petrosins Science Center

  • And on the other side is KidZania Provided with offices and cars, with which children can experience more than one job, such as pilot, lawyer, surgeon, maintenance worker, firefighter, news provider, and more.


  • Children will enjoy a tour taking them to Farm in the CityWhere the identification of animals is unconventional, through multiple sections in the angle of reptiles, fish pond, and bird cage, and there are other types of birds and animals such as rabbits, deer, peacocks and squirrels. As well as seeing them decorate the garden with flowers and plants delightfully sparse, and characterized by an attractive scent.

Farm in the City

  • Children are also dazzled by the design of theNational Science CenterAnd what experiences it provides for them are: He walked in the moon, And other rooms where children can participate in multiple scientific experiments. The center has the first freshwater aquarium, containing approximately 32 species of fish.

National Science Center

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