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Karms is a mountain town located in the southern side of Germany, located on the Austrian border close to the highest mountains of Germany at an altitude of two thousand nine hundred and sixty meters, including ski areas in the tops of Germany, and the climate of Karmash is very similar to the ocean climate, so it is very cold in Winter season, as a result of its distance from the continent’s climate, so it is wet and snowy, and the rate of rain is high throughout the year.

Qarmash and the Olympic Games

In addition to the Winter Olympics games starting in the year 1936 AD and still continuing to this day, it also includes many airports, in addition to many places and regions that have made it a prominent tourist area, and includes the following.

Tourist places in Qarmash

There are many tourist places in the city of Qarmash and it is :

  • Historic Partenkirchen: It is the eastern region of Qarmash, located between the Partnach River and the Secret Mountain Range, and includes a group of stunning views overlooking the Alps with a panoramic rock mass, specifically to the southern side.
  • Grainau Township: It is located in the southwestern side of Karmash, and it includes a view of the western alpine chain from it, in addition to the old church.
  • Regional Museum: It was established in the year 1895 AD and dates back to the seventeenth century AD, and contains a collection of local and religious monuments, in addition to a group of masks and folk art.
  • Partnachklamm: It is a deep Khan that exceeds eighty meters, and reaches a length of about seven hundred meters, and can be reached by bus.
  • Richard Strauss Festival: This name was named after Richard Strauss on the eleventh of June of the year 1864 AD, and the festival is held on the first of June of each year, and includes a group of orchestras, in addition to the vocal concerts.
  • Zug Spitz: It is the highest summit in Germany where the skiers go to practice this sport, and enjoy the scenery, and rises about two thousand meters above sea level, and it consists of three glaciers on which a ski park is built, where this hobby is practiced for six months, and it can go to it from By train.
  • Other parameters: Like Lake Abessi, the Olympic Meadow, in addition to Mount Zpetek and the Taj Mahal Restaurant that serves Indian cuisine, it is worth noting that the first places that come to mind to go and visit are the places where winter sports and skiing are made, and it consists of a group of cable cars in which the passenger can be able to See the beautiful and picturesque nature, and tourists take a hotel, most notably Fendi Rende Partik Richner Hof, which is five stars, and is considered one of the most beautiful international hotels with five stars.

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