Tourism in Sri Lanka with children

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A guide to the most famous places of tourism in Sri Lanka with children is recommended to visit, Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful cities ever so what are the most important tourist areas that you should visit, and what are the most suitable places for families as it is one of the charming natural areas, which even today still have unparalleled beauty Another place around the globe, and in relation to its location it is located in the north of the Indian al-Mahid, and the south of the Indian subcontinent.

Tourism in Sri Lanka:

Most of the Arab Gulf states give them the opportunity to travel without a visa, and visa is obtained after that upon arrival in Sri Lanka directly, while some other countries require an online visa request, which costs you thirty dollars.
The locals in Sri Lanka are fluent in three different languages ​​but the country’s official language is Sinhala, and the currency used in Sri Lanka is the rupee.
The weather varies greatly from place to place, preferably between December and February.

The most beautiful regions of Sri Lanka:

Colombo City:

Colombo is one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka, which is the capital of the country, and provides many services, including parks, dazzling beaches, and many international markets.

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Kandy City:

  • She goes to many tourists looking for calm, natural beauty for an unforgettable experience.
  • Lavinia Mountain Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kandy, and attracts a large number of tourists from everywhere.
  • The Royal Botanical Garden: It is located in the west of Kandy, and is famous for the splendor of nature and the abundance of fruit trees in it. It is found near the Mahaweli River, which is one of the longest and most pleasant rivers in the town. The park includes more than 4 thousand species of rare plant, and its area exceeds 149 acres and is located at an altitude of 450 meters from sea level.


  • It is located at a height of 180 kilometers from the country’s capital, and contains many natural places such as large waterfalls, fresh lakes in addition to parks, and impressive green spaces.
  • You can shade in the dazzling Noralia gardens, and enjoy the fresh air under the shade of the dazzling trees, large in size and age, some of which exceed 100 years of age.
  • You will also feel a lot of joy with seeing the local birds, as they surround you from every side, to make you feel safe and secure.
  • Lovers Lake Waterfall: One of the most famous waterfalls in Noralia, which contains many quiet currents falling from the top of the city’s mountains, and it is a very huge waterfall with a height of more than 90 meters, which makes it an attraction for local tourists and foreigners.

Bento City:

It provides a lot of interesting activities, which makes it an attraction for many tourists annually in order to get rid of worries, rest themselves, and enjoy a relaxing vacation at the seaside.
Bento Beach is one of the most beautiful international beaches, and it contains a lot of various hotels in addition to tourist resorts, luxurious restaurants, and various activities that are done on the beach, such as rowing boats or diving.

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The most beautiful places of tourism in Sri Lanka with children:

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries. God has endowed it with an irresistible, charming nature, and it contains many five-star resorts, which are similar to paradise, which makes it suitable for families more than unmarried, and it is important to take, sunscreen, and cream against insect stinging and wearing shoe Comfortable.
The most beautiful tourist areas in Sri Lanka for families include:

Sea Turtle Reserve:

The reserve is located 10 kilometers from the center of the city of Bentota, and it is considered one of the largest turtle reserves around the world, and is supervised by specialists in the field of turtle breeding, how to care for turtle eggs, until complete puberty, and then the turtles are left to leave in the seas.
The reserve is one of the most suitable places for families. Many children love seeing turtles, raising them, and they will feel a lot of pride with seeing turtles in their natural environment, and knowing more information about how to care for them.

Lake Gregory:

The lake was designed during the period of England’s rule of the country under the banner of Sir, William Gregory, in the year 1973 AD, and Gregory Park includes the lake, and the surrounding wonderful gardens attractive to many tourists annually.
The lake is known for its biological diversity among different neighborhoods, where you will find many rare species of birds, which gather around the lake in an exciting and comfortable way.

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Horton Plains National Park:

It is one of the most beautiful areas of Noralya, which is a very high area in the middle of Sri Lanka, and is known for the beauty of nature, its charm, and the abundance of pastures that extend over the mountainous nature of the region, and dense trees are spread in it, which grows naturally.
You can take a safari tour in order to better know the features of the place, and inhale the open air above the hill, and you will find that green surrounds you from all sides in an idyllic way.

Hakgala Botanical Garden:

  • Hakgala Botanical Garden is the second largest park in Sri Lanka, and it belongs to the most famous botanical gardens around the world the most beautiful, which has a special place in the same every Sri Lankan citizen has participated in the country’s cultural culture because of its great cultural and commercial status, and tourists flock to visit it in the spring In order to see the flowers of various colors and shapes, and they bloom romanticly, and take, and your children will feel a lot of joy in their tour inside with seeing charming flowers as they grow.
  • In addition to the plants planted in the soil, the garden contains a lot of greenhouses, which are dedicated to growing many crops that the country needs throughout the year. Among its tourist attractions are the Rock Garden in addition to the pond in the middle of the city, and the arboretorm.
  • You can play ball with your kids or take a walk, in the middle of these fragrant flowers, or sit on the green grass that is comfortable in the eye.
  • In the garden there are places designated for various sports such as running, walking, in the midst of these flowers, and next to the charming lake, which will increase your desire to exercise, and make you feel energetic and energetic.
  • In the middle of the park there is a huge lake that you can sit around with your family to enjoy the fresh air or buy ice cream.

National Zoo:

  • It is located in Dehiwala, and was built in 1936 AD, and it is one of the most important places that you should visit during your trip to Sri Lanka. Children are known for their love of animals and green areas that extend to more than 30 acres.
  • The zoo is not only a show of animals but at the same time it is considered a way to protect them, save them from extinction, and provide the care they need.
  • The zoo is one of the oldest zoos for animal welfare in Asia, and specific species have been brought in from all parts of the world, and the zoo is open throughout the different seasons of the year, and is easily accessible from anywhere in Sri Lanka using public transportation.
  • You can take your kids to drink hot drinks, then stroll through the garden, eat ice cream, and many delicious local sweets in the dazzling nature.
  • You can visit cages for birds of various colors, sizes, and species, which were brought from different parts of the world in addition to the local Sri Lankan birds, and you can take a tour with a guide to inform you more about the various services, and the history of the ancient zoo.
  • In the garden you will find many beautiful butterflies butterflies that belong to multiple species, which spread more on flowers and green areas, and your children will love to play with them and reach out to them.

Brive Park:

It is located near Bentota, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist parks where green spaces, various trees in its forms and sizes are common, and it is the most suitable place to walk with the family and discover the unknown.

Mangrove Safari:

One of the wonderful activities that can be done on Bentota Beach is a safari trip by boat, which will carry you on an exciting trip to the Mado River, and the journey often lasts 60 minutes, enabling you to see the beauty of the nature of Sri Lanka more dazzlingly, and enjoy the appearance of trees, on both sides of the river.

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