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The city of Stuttgart is one of the most important tourist cities in Germany, especially in recent years, due to the development achieved in various areas of life, and consequently the development and prosperity in various affairs of its life, which made it an important tourist city at the level of Germany, and the most important characteristic of this city is its great development. In terms of technology, it contains the largest company in the world which is the famous Mercedes company, in addition to many companies of importance, and there are many tourist places, which come to visit large numbers of tourists from different nationalities of the world.

Tourism in Stuttgart

There are many tourist places that tourists can visit in Stuttgart:

TV Tower Stuttgart

This tower is considered one of the most important communication towers in the city, as it is the first of its kind in this city, it has no parallel, and it was built of concrete, and it reaches a height of about 216.61 meters, and is characterized by its location on one of the hills located on the southern side of the darlush, and it is called Hohenroesser hill, which is considered one of the most important hills in this city and has a tourist importance by many, and this tower was built in the year 1954 AD, and it is characterized by allowing the visitor to see Germany in a charming and attractive way.

Rosenstein Park

This park is one of the most important and largest parks in Germany, and this park was built between the years 1824-1840 AD, and that was at the request of King William I.

Stuttgart Museum of Art

It is considered one of the museums of great importance in Germany, and was built in the year 2005 AD, and it is characterized by its unique designs, and was built on a large area estimated at five thousand square meters, and is characterized by its glass construction, in addition to the beautiful lighting of quiet and wonderful colors.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

This museum is interested in a variety of cars, as it works to display a wide variety of cars for a long time estimated at one hundred and twenty years, and the number of cars displayed is one hundred and sixty cars, and these cars are protected through the walls of Daimler’s factory surrounding the building that includes these cars, and has been done It was built in the year 1886 AD, and it is considered one of the places that tourists go to visit. The tour of this museum takes about two hours.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden

This park was built in the year 1839 AD, and it contains many different types of animals, which amount to a thousand species, and this number made it one of the largest parks in Germany, which is suitable for visiting children, they get pleasure when visiting, in addition to containing a large number of Plants are estimated at about 600 plants.

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