Tourist attractions in Korea

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The Korean Peninsula is located in East Asia, and is divided into two countries: North Korea, which is called the Democratic People’s Republic, and South Korea, which is called the Republic of Korea. The Korean Peninsula borders China from the northwest, and Russia from the northeast.

The most important tourist attractions in South Korea

Here is a list of the most important tourist attractions in South Korea:

  • Jeju Island or the Island of the Gods: This island is characterized by volcanic rocks and mild climate in addition to frequent rains, as some liken it to the American Hawaiian Islands, and it is visited by thousands of tourists annually, especially honeymooners, to enjoy wandering around and visiting its waterfalls and its impressive landmarks.
  • flood: It is the capital of South Korea, and one of the largest economic centers in Asia, as it is the political center of the country, and is characterized by the merging of modern architecture with ancient Korean architecture, and it has many historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world, and contains many commercial complexes and markets.
  • Heonde Beach – Busan: Haeundi Beach Busan is characterized by the presence of many beaches, such as Haeundi Beach, which is 1.5 km long, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions visited by tourists from all over the world in the summer.
  • Jeonju City: Jeonju City is located in the southeastern side of Korea, and it is a small city that is characterized by its natural beauty, especially in the spring when cherry trees bloom in the streets.

The most important tourist attractions in North Korea

North Korea is one of the mysterious and closed areas from the rest of the world, but recently it opened the way for tourists to the conditions and strict security measures, as it is necessary to accompany persons from inside the state to tourists to ensure their commitment to the conditions of tourism inside the country, such as: not to photograph in some locations And regions, but everyone who managed to enter it pointed to its picturesque nature and the presence of many tourist sites in it, such as:

  • Panmunjom Village: This village is a witness to the wars that occurred between Korea and America, it is deserted and located on the border with South Korea, and it is one of the favorite sites for military history amateurs, and the tourist can see the hall where the armistice took place where the negotiations took place in 1953 AD.
  • Baekdu Volcano: The Baekdu Volcano region is located in the far northeast of the DPRK, on ​​top of its highest mountain, which reaches a height of 2744 meters, where the region resulted from the eruption of the volcano and then its extinction, and there is a large lake in the middle of the region called Chungi or Lake Sky which is one of the deepest lakes in the mountains The Alps, which are also among the coldest lakes, despite the fact that the nutrition reached them from two hot springs, which increased their distinction from other lakes.


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