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Traces of folk returned

God Almighty said: “Did you not see how your Lord did again? Toss the same pillar. That was not created like this in the country ”Surat Al-Fajr, verses 9,8,7

The Almighty said: “As for what he returned, they were destroyed by a strong cockroach. He put them seven nights and eight days on them, so that the people would see epilepsy, as if they were an empty palm tree deficit. Do you see them remain “Inevitable / verses 7 and beyond, and the Almighty said:” I remember the brother returned, as warned his people Balohakav have deserted the vow of his hands and behind that you worship none but Allah, I fear for you the punishment of a great day, “Ahqaf: 21 And God said, also the Almighty” And to their brother’s habit, Hood said, O people, serve God that you have no other God than you, but you are slanderers. Hood: 50

add’s people

Some people are the people of Hood, and he returned is Ibn Aws bin Iram bin Sam bin Noah – according to what some narrations mention. And for his sons after him a distinguished civilization and care for urbanism, and from their ruins there are stone buildings whose ruins are still in Hadramout Yemen, and Ibn Habib said: He returned from the Arab tribes of the Arabs, that is, who inspired Arabic inspiration and spoke to them, and historians mentioned that the people of Ad had worshiped three idols It is called rust and steadfastness, and aerosols, according to a book on the history of al-Tabari. Hood called on his people to worship God Almighty G Almighty alone and leave the worship of idols, because that way to prevent suffering the Day of Resurrection. But they despised his vocation and despised him and said about him his fool, and a liar, although Hood strived to fulfill these attributes, and that the Messenger of God came to them with a counselor and a prophet calling them for good: The Almighty said: (He said the people who disbelieve from his people if he does not know) Usages: 66

People returned in the Qur’an

  • God mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that the people of Hood used to live in Al-Ahqaf, and the definition of Al-Ahqaf is sandy land and its historians have determined its location between Yemen and Oman.
  • The Qur’an mentioned that people who returned had orchards, cattle, and springs. The Almighty said: “And fear the one who will provide you with what you know.
  • He also mentioned that the people of Aad had built a great city called Iram with high palaces with huge pillars unparalleled in those countries. Therefore, the Almighty said: (Did you not see how your Lord did with the return of the same Imad, who did not create an example in the country?
  • He also mentioned that they were building luxurious and huge palaces and towering monuments, where the Almighty said: (Adopt with all proceeds a verse to mess with, and take factories that you may be immortalized) And it was mentioned in the Qur’an that when they lied a hood, God Almighty sent them a strong wind loaded with dust and destroyed their state and all its buildings in Sand.

Archeological discoveries of the people of Ad and the city of Iram ”

In 1990, archaeologist Nicholas Clapfy submitted a request to NASA for space, in order to take pictures of the satellites of Yemen and compare them with manuscripts and testimonies of the Bedouins in ancient tribes and maps, where he reached the final result as the city mentioned in the Qur’an and these effects. There are pictures of a fortress from Iram castles, which are located at a depth of 10 meters, sleeping under many layers of desert sand, which are characterized by huge columns, which were accurately filmed through an American satellite, which is considered highly developed.

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