The Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of more than 100 islands. The archipelago is considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world, where tourists visit it from all sides, due to its charming nature, natural reserves, beaches, picturesque forests, delicious food and friendly people. The Seychelles name is always associated with luxury resorts, celebrity holidays and extravagant life, but anyone can travel on a budget limited to the Seychelles if they follow these tips:

1- Good travel planning

Travel on a limited budget for the SeychellesTourists can choose many airlines that travel to the Seychelles
As previously mentioned, the Seychelles is made up of more than 100 islands, but not all of them are inhabited, so the choice will be limited to the three main islands:what is it” And”Praslin” And”Ledig“.
“Mahi” is the largest island in the Seychelles, and there is the capital Victoria and the Seychelles International Airport. As for “Praslin”, it is smaller and can be visited from “Mahi” either by plane or ship, and from there you can reach “Lady” via the ship, which is the smallest, most beautiful and most beautiful among the islands. The Three. The transportation of the ship from “Mahi” to “Praslin” costs US $ 120 (round trip) and from “Mahi” to “Lady” The transportation costs by the ship is approximately US $ 150.
Therefore, we advise you to choose one island and stay in it to avoid the high costs of transportation. The peak season is between December and January and between June and August. Of course, the prices in this period are very high, so if you do not mind some raindrops from time to time, we advise you to visit Seychelles outside the high season and also book the place of the property early to take advantage of appropriate prices for all budgets. We also advise you to bring all your supplies because all goods sold in Seychelles are imported and the price is very high.

2- Choose the place of residence

Seychelles has great budget hotels and resorts
Seychelles has great budget hotels and resorts
Upon arrival at the airport, you will be asked for papers to transmit your reservation to your place of residence before being allowed to enter the territory of the Seychelles. Therefore, as previously mentioned, reservations must be made before travel, and we advise to avoid luxury resorts and hotels if your budget is modest and resort to walking guest houses by Seychelles families or renting chalets and villas that are not available for services. The cost of overnight stays in these places ranges between 100 and 200 USD.

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3- Transportation in the Seychelles

Travel on a limited budget for the SeychellesYou can travel between islands by boat or plane
As mentioned earlier, commuting between the islands in Seychelles remains very expensive, so be sure to choose one island, as all islands are beautiful and have wonderful beaches. As for movement in each island, the matter differs between the three islands. On the small island of “Ladig”, for example, there are only a few taxis, and that is because everyone uses a bicycle or a cart pulled by a bull. As for “what” and “praslin”, they are relatively larger. We recommend renting a car to move around on the two islands, and the average daily rental price is 45 USD. If you do not like the idea of ​​driving, public transportation buses can be used, which is the cheapest way ever, as the ticket price is less than US $.

4- Activities that can be carried out

Travel on a limited budget for the SeychellesEnjoy the warm sunshine and picturesque beaches are among the best things to do in the Seychelles Islands
Beach recreation is the main activity in the Seychelles Islands, because of its beautiful tropical coasts. You can visit all the beaches for free, as they are all free, including the beaches adjacent to the luxury resorts. Everyone in Seychelles is swimming in the same beaches, whether they are staying in a 5-star hotel or in chalets for those with limited income. Beaches can be reached by public transport buses that pass near most major beaches.
Away from the beaches, you can do some other activities such as walking along the coast or through mountain paths, hiking trails, horseback riding and snorkelling. If the weather is not sunny, we recommend visiting the Botanical Gardens ($ 4), the Natural History Museum ($ 1) and the Hindu temple in the capital, Victoria.

The best tourist activities in the Seychelles Islands

5- Food and drink

Traveling on a budget to the SeychellesYou can taste delicious seafood on the Seychelles Islands
With the exception of fish and some local types of vegetables and fruits, the Republic of Seychelles imports most of the food it needs. The price of a single meal in a regular restaurant ranges between 10 and 15 USD, and in luxury restaurants the prices are very high. We advise you to cook one meal and eat the other in restaurants, thus saving a decent amount that will enable you to do other things. There are many local markets selling fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. If you can bring some foods with you, such as pasta, coffee and tea, it will be better.
The Seychelles Islands remain one of the most expensive tourist places in the world, but if you are smart and plan well to visit you well, you will be able to travel on a limited budget for the Seychelles Islands and enjoy your time with your family and friends. With an average of $ 150 a day, you can stay in an apartment, rent a car, prepare most of your meals, and spend your vacation in beaches and tropical forests.

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