Information about Zell am See, if you are a fan of travel to Austria, you always see it as your favorite tourist destination, during your visit you can stop the city Zell am See, because it is considered the second largest tourist place in Austria after the city of Vienna, as it varies by its charming nature, distinctive and wonderful location that overlooks The most wonderful lakes in the continent of Europe, and its wonderful distinctive weather, and there are many mountains and wonderful parks Arab travelers display the most important places and wonderful tourist destinations in Zell am See.

Information about Zell am See

Zell am See is one of the small villages inside Austria, and it is called Zell am See, and it is one of the most wonderful natural resorts that includes charming and picturesque places, and it is a tourist destination for many rich people around the world, because it is characterized by a wonderful and moderate weather in the summer, suitable for many activities, whether hobbies Such as skiing, playing golf in the places designated for it, or entertaining and hiking in the gardens in the mountains, through which you can see the Alps.
It was formerly called Zelle im Pinzgau or Zelle im Pinzgau, and the region was famous for its distinguished location among mountains and natural lakes that made it a first-class tourist destination. In order to be easily reached by Salzburg Airport, which is one of the closest airports to this region, there are many ancient old houses and also old-fashioned shops, you can eat delicious types of meals and different foods, whether local or international, from the best chefs in the world.

The most important tourist destinations in Zell am See

  • Krimml Zell am See Waterfalls

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Austria. The number of its ministries increases every year, as its number reached more than 400 thousand visitors during the year and one. The height of the Carmel waterfalls reaches approximately 380 meters, and it is classified as one of the most high waterfalls in the world. Up the waterfall to fall into the lake causing a state of fog after falling.
You can reach the waterfall by taking a cable car, enjoy the scenic view, or reach it by foot and see the most amazing tall pine trees around you.

  • Schmitten huh

It is one of the most famous mountain peaks not only in Austria but in the whole world, where the summit of Mount Schmitten Hoh rises to nearly 2000 meters above the surface of the water, and overlooks the most beautiful wonderful lakes in Austria, which is Lake Zell am See in its charming nature, is one of the most popular destinations for fans of skiing Ali Ice during the winter, and in summer watching its beauty through the cable car.

  • Lake Zell am See or Lake Zell

Lake Zell am See, known as Lake Zell, is located near the city of Zell am See, which is frequently visited by tourists. People from all over the world visit it. There are many boat trips that help you see the charming nature around and enjoy all the wonderful mountain scenes. These boats sail every 40 A minute is available for people who speak German and English, and also an electric boat can be rented, for two people within an hour.

  • Rosenborg Castle

One of the ancient castles that is distinguished by its unique and wonderful design, which made it a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. The castle was built by two engineers, two brothers Karl, Hanser and Zenburg in the year 1583 AD, and it was their residence, and after their death it turned into a school, and then after that it turned It became the seat of the City Council in the 1970s and it continued to this day.

  • St. Hippolyte Church

The church is located in the old quarter in Zell am See, and it is one of the most important historical monuments, in which it blended in its construction between Romen architecture and Gothic architecture, consisting of three floors, and there is also a high tower characterized by it, and inside there are a lot of mural paintings that were made in the centuries Thirteenth and fourteenth century AD.

  • The old quarter

The old quarter contains the most famous tourist attractions in Zell am See. Among the most important of these historical monuments are the Castle of Rosenburg and the Church of St. Hippolyte, and also many paintings scattered on all its sides from all angles of this neighborhood, which express an era of ancient time passed through the history of this country, there is it Many old shops, as well as restaurants built in an old fashioned despite the diversity of modern dishes in it and providing the best types of local and international cuisine.

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