Sardinia: a radiant pearl in the waters of the Mediterranean
Close your eyes for a moment … and try to imagine a sea that smells like the real sea and its water shines in light, an extended beach, and behind all this is a cloak of greenery, a pleasant sun and fresh shades …
With complete surrender to all your desires such as enjoying a Turkish bath in a tropical garden, observing the flight of pink flamingo birds, with the deliciousness of fresh lobsters and the end of your day caught the breathtaking sunset ..
A dream that we do not want to wake up from, a dream that we are seeing in the italyn island of Sardinia.
Sardinia is famous for its wonderful beaches that provide the opportunity to engage in various water activities, and is also famous for its huge rocks, which represents an irresistible challenge for rock climbers.

This is in addition to the extended pine trees that spread their fragrance everywhere. You can enjoy various distinctive activities in Sardinia such as swimming, diving, going on a boat trip, horse riding and golfing, or enjoy an exploratory adventure around the island where the body and the heart combine with the singing nature elements of mountains and green hills, and that is either by Sardinia or by walking …

As for the people of Sardinia, they are famous for their friendly and generous nature, and they are distinguished by their adherence to italyn traditions, which they consider a shield of pride for them. Do not be surprised if you see some of their women in the traditional italyn attire worn by their ancestors
(Saul). They express their love for their ancestors through the wonderful festivals they hold in remembrance of them. As for the food and food, it is a pleasure and, if you are not at the beach, you can enjoy coffee under one of the umbrellas outside

Of course, pizza is available in all its flavors and types in addition to the traditional italyn cuisine that includes all kinds of pastas.
An island where water mixed with green and awaits a visit to Al-Hassan, when will your visit be?
Sardinia, one of the Mediterranean islands currently desirable by the rich and tourists around the world, and its tourist reputation has increased in the past few years for the number of famous celebrities, artists and politicians who account for% B

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