Turkish city of Yalova

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Turkish city of Yalova

The city of Yalova is located in northwestern Turkey, near the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the population of the city of Yalova is about 100,000 people, and there are in the city of Yalova many tourist areas, which make it a tourist city par excellence, including the Ataturk Avi Yalova Palace, and it is also famous for the springs The hot, Yalova climate is characterized by being located between the Mediterranean and sub-tropical climate, as its winters are cold and its summers are hot and dry, and Yalova is about 175 km away from Istanbul, and it is possible to travel through the fast ferry, and Yalova is considered a small city, so it can be toured on the feet And it has minibuses called Delmon wandering Around the city, its color is light blue.

The most important sights in the city of Yalova

The most important sights in Yalova city:

  • Tuna UfaIt is about 27 km from the coast of Yelwa, and it contains many ancient historical monuments, such as baths, water canals and a castle, and dates back to different generations, and the Heniley Paul region is one of the important areas in that region.
  • ArmutluIt is a small coastal area that stretches along the coastal strip, extending 51 km from Yalova, and many famous resorts were built there.
  • Genargic: The city of Genarcik is located at a distance of 17 km from the city of Yalova, and it has been called Kew in the Byzantine period i.e. the city of fresh air, and is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Yalova, as it contains beaches, forests, tourist centers and hotels, in addition to historical monuments dating back to the Byzantine and Roman era.
  • Giftly CoyGiftali Koy is located 4 km from Yalova, where it is famous for the beaches and camps dating back to ancient times. Important drawings dating back to the Byzantine and Hellanistic era were found, and sculptures dating back to the first centuries depicting the Roman leader Filotitems.
  • Termal: The city of Termal is located 12 km from the city of Yalova, and is famous annually for receiving thousands of tourists, due to the presence of its famous health resorts, and its historical monuments.

Historical and cultural monuments in the city of Yalova

Historical and cultural monuments in the city of Yalova:

  • Kemal Ataturk Palace MuseumKemal Ataturk Palace was built in the year 1929 AD, and it is considered one of the most important ancient examples of architecture.
  • The Moving PalaceThe moving palace is located on the farm of Milliyet, on the edge of the sea. It was built in implementation of the orders of Commander Kemal Ataturk on August 21, 1929 A.D. The reason for doing so, because he knew that the goal behind this was to protect the walls of the palace, so he ordered that the palace be moved instead of cutting the branches.
  • Mother’s bathThe mother’s bath was built by the Roman Emperor Constantius in the town of Yalova, and his name dates back to that it was restored by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid II and his mother used it for treatment.
  • The coasts of Ginarcik, Wasenkoy, Armutlu, beaches, camps and parks are among the most important centers in Yalova city, which contains restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers, especially Ginarcik which is about 17 km away from Yelwa, and is considered one of the most important centers that exist, containing the coasts Sandy, public beaches.


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