What are the most beautiful islands of the world?

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The island is considered a land area, surrounded by water from all sides, and it is less than an area to rise to be a continent, and the islands can be an area of ​​a few meters up to an area sufficient for states like Cyprus and Bahrain to be established, and the name of the archipelago is called the islands that are close to each other, Carrots are in the language of cutting or forcing. The island is pieces of land that have been separated from it.

The islands are of several types, which can be combined to be three main types: continental, river, and volcanic islands; the islands are the islands that are connected to the continent by what is called the continental shelf. Examples include Greenland Island, and the river islands are formed in the delta sometimes or in large rivers; Where the silt deposits in multiple places and over time the silt condenses and solidifies a solid rock component in the middle of the big river to form islands, and this is often formed in the scheduled rivers that branch into many beautiful branches.

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One of the most prominent examples of river islands: Zamalek Island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. The last types of islands are those volcanic that are formed as a result of the quality of hot points in the oceans that are originally oceanic volcanoes.

The most beautiful islands of the world

Guadeloupe Islands

It is one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean, and it is one of the French islands in terms of authority, and it attracts English-speaking tourists, and to reach it you can have direct flights from your country to it from several major cities such as New York, Miami or Montreal and many other cities, and the authorities in this island are interested in tourism Environmental, and through it you will have a visit to many marine and land reserves, which – due to the Law on the Protection of Reserves – preserved their wild nature and was not untouched by a person, and the construction projects did not come close to them, and one of the most important features of the Guadeloupe Islands is the distinctive local cuisine, which combines Caribbean food and oven In Yeh Mosmm 2015 it opened the door for tourists calls are open.

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Fiji Islands

These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, and it consists of 332 islands and nearly a hundred inhabited islands, and it is considered one of the luxurious islands to spend a special honeymoon. Fiji Islands provide economic and tourist programs that suit everyone, and there are resorts that provide tourists with beautiful trips in the ocean, and tourists undertake many activities Like diving, enjoy seeing coral reefs or visiting small towns, some of which are listed on the UNESCO list for the protection of human heritage and visiting botanical gardens.

Komodo Island (Indonesia)

It is one of the volcanic islands, and it has the largest types of lizards in the world, may reach a length of three meters, and it can eat a complete deer; it is like dinosaurs for visitors to the island, and it is also one of the parks affiliated with UNESCO, this organization seeks to protect the lizards from extinction, and the reservations are subject to entry fees However, it is an unforgettable trip among all the places that tourists can visit.

Galapagos Islands

They are islands in Ecuador in which the wildlife diversifies from turtles and animals that are not wild to isolate them from human influences, and they are particularly Darwin Islands that he visited in 1835 AD, so the idea of ​​evolution came, and he wrote the theory of evolution and the emergence of species.

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It is near Australia, and one of the largest islands of the Australian market, and is famous for its tropical forests, sandy beaches, and diverse animals, and its population does not exceed two hundred, and its white sand beaches contain the finest silica, and contain deep lakes full of fish and shellfish.

Bora Bora

It is located in the South Pacific, surrounded by shallow lakes and coral reefs, and is located in the middle of the island two dormant volcanic mountains, and therefore it is famous for the hot mineral water, and is famous for coconuts, and the tourist huts built on wooden columns on the surface of the water, and it is interesting to rent a motorboat for wandering On an expedition tour of the island, swim in its shallow lakes, where sharks can be seen in a private tourist stroll.

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