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History and heritage

The well-known Republic of Austria currently forms part of the Austrian Empire that was subject to the rule of the Habsburgs from 1526 to 1918, and was the German-speaking part of the empire, and it is distinguished by several things, including:

  • The Austrian flag is one of the oldest flags in the world, dating back to 1191AD.
  • Schönbrunn Palace, the summer palace in Habsburg, is distinguished by its large number of rooms, which amounts to about 1,440 rooms.
  • The first zoo in the world was founded in 1752 AD in Schönborn in Vienna.
  • The sewing machine was invented by Joseph Maderberger in 1818.
  • Vienna Cemetery contains 2.5 million tombs, which exceeds the city’s living population.

Earth and nature

Austria is famous for many natural features that distinguish it from other countries. In it, the Carmel waterfalls, which are the longest waterfalls in the continent of Europe with a height of 380 meters, are also known for the presence of high peaks in them. The Alps account for 62% of its land area, and a quarter of the Austrian population is concentrated in the capital, Vienna, and reports indicate that the Austrians are considered the most people following the waste recycling system.

The economy of Austria

Austria has a relatively strong economy, and this may be due to the role that the Austrian government played in this regard in the post-Second World War period. In those years the government had begun to enact laws and legislation that led to the nationalization of many industrial companies and basic services, and followed That is because of economic regulation processes, and after Austria’s accession to the European Union, many companies underwent the privatization process, which reduced the role of the government in economic intervention, and after that Austria’s economy dependent on the services sector flourished, and by the twenty-first century The Austrian economy is gaining stability, thanks to the decrease in unemployment, the increase in the strength of the domestic demand, and the steadfastness of the economic partner of Austria, Germany.

Famous people from Austria

Many famous people who have emerged throughout history hold Austrian citizenship, including:

  • French Queen Marie Antoinette.
  • Austrian military commander Archduke Charles.
  • The composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Empress Duchess Elizabeth.
  • The famous singer Johann Holzel, Falco.
  • The author, Peter Handek.
  • The composer Wolfgang Mozart.
  • Actress Heidi Lamar.
  • Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served as former governor of California, USA.
  • Composer Johann Strauss the Elder, and composer Johann Strauss the Younger.
  • Nobel Prize winner: Bertha von Satner.
  • Founder of Swarovski Crystal: Daniel Swarovski.

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