What is Azerbaijan famous for?

المسافرون العرب

Zan Sari Palace

The history of the building dates back to about 1762 AD, and it is considered one of the most famous buildings located in the South Caucasus. The building is characterized by the decorations inside it, in addition to the stained glass that is reflected on the windows of the building, providing a charming and picturesque view of the building. Size, the facade of the palace is characterized by the shape of domes and plateaux in silver, blue and turquoise colors. The interior of the palace includes a room decorated with intricate floral motifs and motifs.


The tower is located in Baku, and it is one of the historical stone towers in the city, as it is considered one of the most prominent places in Baku, the height of the tower reaches about 29 meters, the tower is characterized by it provides a view of the Bay of Baku and the valuable city by standing on its roof.

Harkan National Park

The park is located in the southern side of Azerbaijan, specifically in the middle of the Talysh Mountains, the park is considered one of the charming natural natural areas, it is a place dedicated to natural wildlife, in addition to it includes a lake and a group of plants, and some unique animals such as spotted deer, tigers and others.

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Al-Sharwan Palace Shahani

The palace is considered one of the largest monuments that date back to the arterial period. The palace is located in the heart of Baku, which includes a group of buildings, including the main palace, the Diwan, and the Shah Mosque, and the image of the palace was printed on paper and cash in 1994.


The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the southwestern part of the continent of Asia, Azerbaijan shares its borders on the northern side with the state of Georgia and Russia, and is bordered on the eastern side by the Caspian Sea, and the State of Iran on the south side, and on the western side bordered by Armenia, Baku is its official capital. It is one of the constituent republics of the former Soviet Union, gained independence from the Union in 1991 AD, the area of ​​the Republic is about 86,600 square kilometers, and its population reaches approximately 9,686,210 people, and the Republic has many natural resources such as oil, gas, and other minerals .

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