What is Qassim famous for?

المسافرون العرب


It is one of the thirteen administrative regions, which are defined by the Saudi regions system, and it is considered the headquarters of its emirate, where its emirate is assumed by Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud Al Saud, and Al Qassim is located in the center of Najd, bordered on the northern and northwestern side by the Hail region, and on the southern side by the secret and tattoos of the region Riyadh, and it is bordered on the eastern side by the eastern region, and on the west by Medina and Hail, and in this article we will get to know the most important thing Al Qassim is famous for.

What is Qassim famous for?

Monuments in the Qassim

Al-Qassim is famous for many distinctive archaeological and architectural monuments, dating back to the pre-Islamic era and before Islam, as well as abundant cultivation, due to the fertility of the soil, and the availability of groundwater continuously, and there is a private museum that displays the history of al-Aqilat, and has more than 3000 pictures of families of al-Aqilat, 1500 documents for them, as well as dozens of private holdings.

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Festivals and events

The festival of dates is held in the Al-Buraidah region as an annual celebration for farmers, and it lasts for 75 days, and displays 200 thousand tons of harvesting dates for more than 8 million palm trees, and it records a remarkable increase in sales that exceed 25 million riyals per day, in addition to that more than 1750 cars are collected Transportation loaded with 350 kg per car. Diabetes dates are among the most famous dates in Qassim, where they constitute about 85% of the local production of the Qassim region. There are also distinct types, such as Al-Barhi, Al-Nutba, Saif, Al-Rashoudi, and Al-Khalas, and there are more than 23 million palm trees in the Kingdom, producing about 400 Class, where the festival provided great job opportunities for the Saudis, it allowed them to Neighbor dates on a small level, average, and a large, plus it provides job opportunities for packaging factories transport and packaging dates.

Education in Al-Qassim

The beginning of education in the Qassim region was through the Kataeb schools, which are the private schools and theaters that some science men follow from the imams and judges, then formal education began in the city of Qassim after the rule was established in them for the Al Saud family, where a royal order was established for nine schools, the share of Qassim was two and one in Buraidah, and the second in Unayzah in 1356 AH, and in 1375 AH, a ministerial decision was issued to build an education department in Qassim, and its first director was Professor Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al-Tuwaijri, and the number of schools was 47 schools, the number of students was 3233 students, and the numbers of schools, students, and teachers also developed In permanent growth until the year D. Lacey 1422 are as follows: 252 primary schools, 146 middle schools .82 High School.

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