What is the name of the capital of Morocco

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Rabat is the capital of Morocco

The city of Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, has gone through different historical periods, and the basic establishment of the city dates back to the era of the Almoravids who created the defensive fortress and stalls, because of what was going on during this period of events that made the security concern one of the most powerful factors that were considered when designing cities and choosing places Its establishment, as the city of Rabat was chosen accordingly, as a point for the gathering of the Mujahideen and the response of the attacks.

History of Rabat

The city of Rabat knew a new historical and civilization beginning during the Almohad period, during which time the fortress of the fortress – the era of Abd al-Mumin Almohadi – was expanded to a fortified reed that was based on the protection of its armies which he was sending in jihadist campaigns to Andalusia, and during the era of his grandson Jacob Al-Mansour, Al-Mansour decided that Rabat transforms it from being responsible for protecting the convoys of armies that carry out the conquests into the capital of its state. As a result of the attempts Pursued by the Meridinide in while trying to control the city, the property is the cemetery that was created location Challa the best proof of what I experienced the city from the attacks led them to decay.

Unify the city of Rabat and Sala

During the time of the Sa’dis in 1609, Muslims coming from the Andalusian region were permitted to reside in the city of Rabat, and during this period the Andalusians fortified the city with impregnable walls known today in the Andalusian wall, and in the same era – the time of the Sa’dis – the two enemies, i.e. the city of Rabat and Sala, were unified, and this was done Under the rule of the Minority of Abi Raqraq, which was created by the Moriscos, the mujahideen of the region have known from that time until now their maritime activity.

Landmarks of the city of Rabat

The Hassan Mosque is considered one of the most distinguished historical buildings in the city of Rabat, and it was built in the time of Sultan Yaqoub Al-Mansur Al-Mouhadi. What was built into extinction as a result of the earthquake that struck in 1755 AD, that the monuments are a clear indication of the magnitude of the original building of the mosque, with an estimated length of 180 meters and a width of 140 meters.


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