Where is the city of Hadramaut

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Hadhramaut Governorate is one of the important Yemeni governorates, located in the eastern side of the Republic of Yemen, and its capital is the city of Mukalla, which is the largest city in it, as this city comes in the third place in Yemen in terms of importance after the cities of Sana’a and Aden, to the northern side of Hadhramaut The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located, as for its southern side, the Arabian Sea is located, while Al-Jouf and Ma’rib are located from the northwestern side, while from the east, the Mahra is located, and finally the Shabwa Governorate is located on the western side, and this Hadramout Governorate is about seven hundred ninety-four kilometers from Sana About a meter.

Area and population

The area of ​​Hadramaut Governorate is estimated at approximately one hundred and ninety thousand square kilometers, while its population is estimated at about nine hundred and thirty thousand people, and many of the population of Hadramaut migrate outside Yemen as some of them migrate to the countries located in the Arabian Peninsula, or to the east of the African continent, or To the southeastern regions of the Asian continent such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, while Mukalla port is considered one of the most important ports in Yemen at all.


The residents of Hadramaut Governorate practice many professions, including fishing, agriculture, and livestock development, while the percentage of agricultural production in Hadramaut reaches approximately six percent of the total agricultural production in all parts of the Republic of Yemen, and one of the most important agricultural crops that are produced in this The governorate has grains, in addition to the different dates, while the fish sector is considered an economic tributary first for the residents of the governorate, as this governorate overlooks a coastal strip that is long if compared to the rest of the various coastal strips, and what is characterized by Hadrami lands is that it contains in its interior Some of the important resources such as oil, precious metals and especially gold.

The climate

What distinguishes Hadhramaut Governorate is its distinctive and remarkable climate diversity, and this diversity arises mainly from the diversity of its surface, the coastal parts of it are dominated by a coastal climate and often a hot climate in the summer, and a moderate in the winter, but in its mountainous parts a moderate climate prevails in the summer and cool In the winter, while the desert climate prevails in the desert parts, which is a hot and dry climate throughout the year, and finally the hot, rainy climate prevails in the summer and somewhat moderate in the winter in Socotra Island, where the average temperature reaches about twenty seven degrees Almost Celsius Days during the year, is also characterized by the province of Hadramout diversity of plant and animal wealth together hand.


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