Where is the city of Sodom located?

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Sodom village site

According to the rumor among the scientific community, the village of Sodom is located at the foot of the mountain known as Mount Sodom, and this mountain is located on the southern bank of the Dead Sea, and the Dead Sea is that sea that lies between Jordan and Palestine in the southern part of the Levant, and they are two of the most important countries in the Arab world in its flat The Asian.

Dead Sea Region

Geologists consider the Dead Sea region as a whole a region of seismic activity, as this region lies within one of tectonic rifts, and it extends about an estimated distance of about three hundred kilometers, along the string between the Dead Sea and the Sea of ​​Galilee located to the north of the sea Dead, between the Dead Sea and the middle of Wadi Araba, located to the south of the Dead Sea.
According to the expert archaeologist Warner Keeler, who spent time studying the area, both Wadi Neb Sdem and the Great Rift had been reduced at the same time to very large depths of the earth, and this massive destruction caused a very severe earthquake, accompanied by violent explosions, Which led to a huge fire in the region.
What is striking about the Dead Sea region in general is that it is the lowest region in the world, and its waters are characterized by intensity of salinity to the point that there can be no type of life, and hence its name was called the Dead Sea, and for this reason this part of the world has been weighted before. Specialists more than others to be the site of the village of Sodom, which is mentioned in the heavenly books.

The people of Sodom

Sodomists are considered to be among the worst ethics of God. They practiced great immorality that is incompatible with the human instinct that God Almighty invaded people, and one of the greatest abominations was associated with them, which is the practice of homosexuality among men, where the heavenly books immortalized their story and the punishment of God for them to be a sermon and a lesson. Until the hour.
God Almighty has warned the people of Sodom, and established the irrefutable argument against them, as he sent to them a generous prophet who is Lot Bin Haran – upon him be peace – and who exerted his effort in calling them to follow the path of truth and guidance, and taking them out of the delusion in which they were sitting, but they were harsh, and arrogant, They refused to submit to his supreme vocation, and from here the noble Prophet occupied a very high position with God Almighty, due to the difficulties he had encountered in his call, and at the moment God Almighty sent His angels to them and they lost the land on them, and God Almighty saved the believers and the people of Lot became a lesson to people until the Day of Resurrection .


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