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High Dam site

The High Dam, or as it is called the Aswan Dam, is located in Egypt, specifically in the Aswan Governorate. It was officially opened in January 1971, and the total cost of its construction amounted to approximately one billion dollars. The length of the dam is 12.562 feet; equivalent to 3,830 meters, and its height reaches 364 feet That is, 111 square meters, 57.940,000 cubic yards equivalent to 44.300,000 cubic meters, and the High Dam has a reservoir with a total capacity of 5.97 trillion cubic feet, i.e. equivalent to 169 billion cubic meters, and one of the most important benefits of building the High Dam The possibility of man controlling the annual flood of the Nile for the first time in history, and it is also an important tributary of the economy Al-Masry; as it generates large amounts of electrical energy, and it provides the water needed for irrigated lands.

High Dam

The construction of the High Dam, which was completed during the reign of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the relics and relics were moved together, as 90,000 Nubians were moved from their homes, and as one of the largest temples of Abu Simbel was moved to avoid exposing him to the risk of drowning in the future, it should be noted that Lake Nasser Which is considered the reservoir of the High Dam to accommodate 137 million acres of water, equivalent to 169 billion cubic meters, and finally, there is an agreement to distribute water between Egypt and Sudan, because approximately 17% of Lake Nasser is located in Sudan.

The proposal to build a high dam

It was proposed to build the High Dam in Aswan in 1954 AD, with the aim of controlling the floods, and to store enough water for long droughts, in addition to that the dam contributed to double the electricity supply in Egypt since its construction was completed, and in the future it is expected that the dam reservoir will be fully filled during 300 years, which reduces the dam’s effectiveness in flood control, power generation, and water storage.

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