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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in the city of Pisa in the state of Tossaco, Italy, and reaches a height of 56.2 meters from the surface of the earth, and its mass reaches 14,500 tons, and its current inclination is 5.5 degrees. The tower includes two hundred and ninety-four degrees, and on eight floors built of white marble on Romen style, and the construction of the tower took a hundred and ninety-nine years, so we will introduce you in this article to the reason for the Milan Leaning Tower, its history, and the difference in the identity of its originator.

The reason for Milan Leaning Tower of Pisa

The viewer of the Tower of Pisa notices its extreme inclination, as this inclination reaches eighteen feet, and it is said that the reason for this tendency is softness and a decrease in the soil on which it was built, and this inclination was evident since its early stages were built, and despite the appearance of this The Milanese builders continued building it by the same inclination, and in the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-five A.D., and when the architects arrived in their construction to the fourth floor, and the fifth floor they tried to move the center of gravity of the tower, in order to avoid the inclination, but they did not succeed in that, and even at this time attempts still occur. To stop the tilt by establishing supportive supports, The tower was closed in the year ninety-nine, and tourists were prevented from entering it for fear of its collapse at any time.

History of the Leaning Tower

The construction of the tower began on the eighth of August of the year one thousand one hundred and seventy three AD, and when the completion of the construction of the third floor in the year one thousand and one hundred and seventy-eight was the money of the tower and its construction stopped, and in the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-two other four floors were constructed in order to adjust the inclination, but Construction stopped again in one thousand three hundred and one, and the last floor was built in one thousand three hundred and seventy-two, and a bell was installed in it.

In the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four Italy requested assistance to prevent the Tower of Pisa from collapsing, so many engineers and historians were appointed, and they gathered in the islands of Osirius to search for an order to install it, and after several decades passed the tower was closed to its visitors, then opened the year two thousand and one.

The dispute over the identity of the constructor of the Leaning Tower

A dispute arose over the name of the architect who built the Pisa Tower, and it was known for several years that Bonano Pisano was the one who created it, and Bonano is a well-known artist in the twelfth century, and he is from the city of Pisa, and he was famous for his bronze work, in particular the Pisa Cathedral, and began construction of the tower at the hands of Bonano, then he stopped it, and after a long time it had completed its construction, Giovanni Pisano, and in the second half of the fourteenth century it was completed by Tommazo di Andrea Pisano.

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