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Twin tower

The Twin Tower, or Petronas Twin Towers, is famous for another name that is Manara Parkcomputers, and it is one of the towers that set a world record in terms of height, from the date of its construction in 1998 AD to the year 2004 AD, when this record was broken by building several towers in the world Of greater height

Zodiac sign and naming

The Twin Tower is located in the state of Malaysia, specifically in the heart of the country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, and it was known as the Petronas Lighthouse, in relation to the oil company bearing this name, which was the first request in building these two huge twin towers, which are considered one of the largest and most important engineering technical works Worldwide.

Twin tower size

The Twin Tower is known to include eighty-eight floors in both towers, in addition to the presence of eighty-seven elevators in them, while their height is 375 meters without the calculation of the antenna, but with the calculation of the antenna, it reaches approximately 452 meters, and are considered the highest skyscrapers in The country of Malaysia, which is built of cement.

The problems facing the sign

In the construction of the twin tower, very large quantities of concrete were used, until it appeared in its known form today. However, during the first construction period which did not exceed the five floors, this tower was exposed to major problems, as they had to change its location a few meters before the construction was finally completed. This was due to the site’s failure to examine the site’s soil thoroughly before proceeding with its construction, in addition to their use of cement that does not conform to the specifications suitable for building such towers. These five floors were destroyed and rebuilt again Close to N original place.

Twin tower components

The twin tower consists of two skyscrapers, connected with each other by a pneumatic bridge length of 58.4 meters, while the height of this bridge is 170 meters above the street, the construction of the two towers was designed by an architect from the State of Argentina called Cesar Pelli, where the construction work started in 1992 The twin tower is the only one in the world with a deep foundation, as the length of its foundations reached nearly 120 meters, on a land area equal to 341.760 square meters. The front of the tower was built of solid glass in the style of Islamic architecture, and it has double lifts for rapid transport in number in each Tower 29 cabins, but its moving drawers are found in each b C 10 drawers.

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