Lombok Island Indonesia

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Lombok Island

Lombok island is located in the western part of the Indonesia tour and forms a simple part of the chain of islands belonging to the Lesser Sunda, and is considered one of the most beautiful and most famous islands of Indonesia at all, and is separated by a narrow strait called Bali with the same name. And the population of about three million people, according to a recent statistic and the majority of them are Muslims, and in this article we will talk about some information about this island.

Sections of the island

The Indonesian island of Lombok is divided into four main parts, as follows:

  • The northern part of Lombok, in which the Rinjani mountain contains an active volcano in addition to many waterfalls.
  • The central and eastern part of Lombok, which contains villages and quiet rural places and has the cities of Labuhan, Tetabato and others.
  • The western part of Lombok, the section is considered the most important and prominent as it contains the island’s administrative center and also includes the most active beach in terms of tourism, where tourists come to this island by the sea, and also contains hotels and resorts, and its resorts are described as the best for tourists.
  • The southern part of Lombok, has quiet beaches, the most important and most famous of which are Kuta, Tanjung Beach and others.

Lombok island nature and climate

The island’s climate is characterized by being tropical, very hot and humid, and the Indonesian island of Lombok is characterized by the calmness of its atmosphere, its picturesque nature and its charming places, which made it a global tourist destination to which people of all ages and from different nationalities and especially to spend their honeymoon in search of a far away, quiet and beautiful place at the same time, and draws The cleanliness of its beaches and its sands is the attention of everyone. One of its most famous beaches is Kuta Beach and Sanqiqi Beach, and its people are distinguished by good hospitality, generosity and kindness. In the island there are many restaurants, cafes and hotels that allow tourists to spend time and enjoy it, as it can And the practice of various activities, especially the marine ones, such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, etc., especially in the waterfalls that the Teo Kleb Waterfall is the most famous and most beautiful at all, in addition to the resorts that the Sheraton and Jakarta are among the most famous, and the Minoire Islands are among the most famous small and near islands of this island.

Lombok economy

The island relies on many crops in its economy, as agriculture is a very important activity in it, and cotton, tobacco, coconut, kopec, and rice are mainly cultivated in them, and these crops generate income on the island in a way that refreshes its facilities and residents who also work in the field of tourism Throughout the year, as it is considered an important sector for the island and its working population in this sector, as it employs many manpower, and there are many industries that generate income, and tourists buy them such as: jewelry, gold, silver, etc. that are carried by tourists back to Countries M memorial to the special place they do and have spent the most beautiful times on its territory and among his family.


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