Ocean Park in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations in the world with the start of the New Year, and it includes many tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors annually, and is famous for its elegant urban centers and a rapid and comprehensive transportation system in them, not to mention the charming markets and dining stalls, in addition to the landscape Picturesque in the remote areas of the island.

The completely redecorated and renovated Ocean Park

Ocean Park is one of the most popular amusement parks in Hong Kong since it opened in 1977. It houses more than one aquatic life park and creatures, in addition to a zoo and amusement park with many games and witnesses many activities.
The Ocean Park project is not profitable after Hong Kong opened the Disneyland park in its lands, but the construction and renovation work that cost nearly $ 5.5 billion led to the resumption of activity in the park again.

Lots of fun and activities in Ocean Park

Today, Ocean Park has become the second most popular park in Hong Kong after Disneyland, with its amazing activities, interactive shows and many fun games. Where you can enjoy many interactive animal shows such as “Adventures in Australia”, “Amusing Bird Theater”, “Arctic Fox Dean”, “Giant Panda Adventure”, “South Ball Spectacular”, and others, in addition to the “Main Train” and “Hair” games. Razer, Arctic Plast, Cable Car Ride and Racing River.

Restaurants in “Ocean Park”

The park includes seven restaurants, including “Aqua City”, which serves pastries and drinks, in addition to cakes and pastries. Neptune specializes in seafood, while Panda Café serves Asian cuisine. Restaurant “Tuxedos” in turn provides a unique experience with an international menu, while in the “Bayview” restaurant you can see your meal as it is right in front of you, in addition to the sprawling sea view. As for the Café and the Ocean Café, they offer seafood, in addition to their specialty in Asian food.

Ocean Park is a must visit destination in Hong Kong with family and children

The park is divided into several sections: “Wickers Harbor”, “Amazing Asian Animals”, “Polar Adventure”, “Rain Forest”, “Marine Word”, “Aqua City Thrill Mountain” and “Adventure Land”. Where each section specializes in a distinct subject and includes many exhibitions, games, cafes and souvenir shops, in addition to toilets and ATMs and other facilities.
The park has won many awards, and there are plans to expand it, including a four-star hotel with 495 rooms, and is scheduled to open this year, in addition to building another hotel and adding more than 30 games and new landmarks in the future. Thus, Ocean Park Hong Kong, along with Disneyland, are the two most popular destinations for families and children during 2020.


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