October’s favorite destination … Maldives

المسافرون العرب

Witch .. Amazing .. Inspired .. Eternal .. Described with fiction or can never be described, it remains in any case is the moldive Islands Which many dream about visiting and staying between on the huts suspended between its warm waters or between the sublime palm trees.
There are many reasons why you should choose to visit the Maldives on your next trip, especially if it is during the month of October, so what makes it your kiss ahead of other famous travel places around the world?

The perfect weather is waiting for you

المفضلة لشهر اكتوبر .. جزر المالديف - October's favorite destination ... MaldivesBeginning in October, the hot and dry weather returns to the Maldives, where the wet season that has lasted since May ends, and during October you expect long days to be filled with wonderful sunlight and temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, which makes it a very popular time For travel..also be sure that the Maldives is ideal for travel and tourism all year round.

October .. before the high season and the high prices

The tourist season in the Maldives begins with the Fateh from November and the prices start to rise more and more, so if you want an atmosphere suitable for the visit that includes beautiful weather and a few tourists and low prices, you only have to hurry up to book your trip to the Maldives during the month of October (here we offer you The coolest and best offers on excursions to the Maldives).

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Direct flights

There are direct flights launched by Saudi Airlines from the Kingdom to the Maldives this year, and Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and many Gulf and Sri Lankan airlines (with a stopover in Colombo) are also operating their flights to the “Male” capital of the Maldives, which allows many possibilities of travel to suit you.

Luxurious accommodation takes you further than you think

Whether you want a 5-star stay in a luxury resort like the Medhufushi Island Hotel (in the video above) or any other luxury 3-star or 4-star hotel spread across hundreds of Eternal Maldives, make sure that you will be on a date with the services that you provide Hotels and resorts, on a date with unforgettable romantic nights, especially if you spend your honeymoon there.

The first destination for honeymoon holidays

New grooms, or a couple who want to renew their relationship and are looking for a great tourist destination? There is nothing better than the Maldives, so I have heard them in this type of holiday exceeded all expectations, dreams of grooms are always built with views of lying on the white sand, swimming and diving in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and between staying in secluded island huts and taking spa treatments.

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Diving opportunities for everyone .. Yes to everyone

Diving is wonderfully available in the Maldives throughout the days and months of the year, this is definitely important news, but there is what is most important for many, is the Maldives really an expensive country in all the costs of its services, the answer is that tastes differ as well as prices, and for diving also you can get what you want According to different budgets, what is important is that on every island there is a diving club and organized excursions.

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