As you travel, travel companies and agencies try to outdo others with words and phrases that promise to pass through exciting experiences and breathtaking views. But its purpose is to make ordinary activities more attractive. If you see any of these words or phrases in the tourist brochure, know that you may need to lower your expectations.
Culinary Arts:
Gastronomy is the kitchen, and in the course of the vacation, it means visiting restaurants. “It is a charming phrase that indicates that food will be at the heart of the journey,” says tourism researcher Torsten Kirstgs from the Yada University of Applied Sciences in Germany.
In the end, eat as much as you want of the things you will not be able to afford at home. Culinary arts in the end is a basic human need. Tourism promoters like to use the phrase because it indicates that the quality of food will be high.
Pearls and gourmet temples:
The temple is a place of prayer and in the gourmet temple a fine food is worshiped. It is a good word but it may be an expensive restaurant, so you lose prices before reserving a table.
“You might prefer to go to a temple serving food eaten outside if you want to feel full,” says Gerstges.
On the other hand, many holiday destinations are described as pearls. The pearl of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean may look like one place, but many call this.
The phrase indicates that it is “small and rare and sometimes only discovered by taking a closer look”, according to Kirstgs. But be careful, the pearls are not cheap

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