The most famous and most beautiful guide to the places of tourism in South Africa for tourism and entertainment, which is located in southern Africa, and it is located below the equator, which is the reason that the seasons of the year are contrary to the weather conditions in the Arab countries, which makes it the most beautiful place to escape from the extreme heat in the winter, We will talk about tourism in it for families, the best cities that can be visited in addition to the costs of tourism there, the cost of transportation, and a lot of information that you must know before visiting.

The best tourist cities in South Africa:

Tourism in Cape Town:

Cape Town is one of the best tourist cities in the country, which you must not miss, because it is very beautiful, unique in nature, it contains a mountain park, surrounded by water very beautifully.
In the city there is the National Table Mountain Park, which is one of the most famous places around the world, and includes more than two thousand species of natural plants, and a lot of flowers that only exist in South Africa, which is the reason the park belongs to UNESCO. The park is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it receives many visitors from all over the world every year, who love nature and calm.

Tourism in Pretoria:

Pretoria is the capital of South Africa, and it is located at a distance of seventy kilometers, Johannesburg, and it is one of the cities that has its own elegant luster where there are many important embassies in addition to museums, various entertainment facilities in addition to public parks such as the Ritvlay National Park.

Tourism in Durban:

The city belongs to the province of KwaZulu-Natalo, it is located on the coast in the east of the country, and is famous for its dazzling beach that contains a lot of prosperous gardens, and monuments that you must visit as the city contains a lot of elegant hotels, designed by international engineers.

Tourism in Johannesburg:

It is one of the largest cities whose economy is based on tourism, and it belongs to the province of Gauteng in the north-eastern side of South Africa, where it is 1.4 thousand kilometers from Cape Town, and contains the largest international entertainment centers, and includes a lot of huge gardens, and various exhibitions

Tourism in South Africa for families:

South Africa is one of the cities suitable for families, which is preferable to visit in the spring, especially in the period from October to March, and the period of sufficient stay in Africa is 14 days so that you and your family can visit all the dazzling places in South Africa, the following are the most important Places to visit with your family in South Africa:

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront:

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in South Africa, and the reason for its name after the Queen of England, Alfred, and her little boy, which is one of the most beautiful natural areas in South Africa, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Table, and there are a lot of luxury restaurants in addition For shops to buy designer clothes and impressive art galleries.

Kruger National Park:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South Africa suitable for families as it is one of the largest global natural reserves, and its area reaches more than 19 thousand square kilometers, and it is the largest safari park in Africa at all so that you and your family can live an exciting and exciting experience, among wild animals. You can live inside the park, and the service is excellent.

Table Mountain:

There is Table Mountain in Cape Town, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, and the most appropriate to take memorial photos, and spend quality time with family and friends, as it is one of the famous tourist attractions in South Africa, and it was chosen before to be among the seven wonders of the world The intensity of the beauty of nature in it, and the intensity of its height that reaches 3550 feet.

Boulders Beach:

One of the most impressive beaches designed from granite rock in the form of a part of the Table Mountains, which is suitable for young children as there are many delightful penguins

Cape Town wheel:

It is a wheel from which you can see the city from a great height, which attracts visitors from all over the world where you can see the entire city in addition to Table Mountain, and the Robin Islands

Surround Aquariums:

It is huge ponds that you can see the marine biology from close-up, which will make you feel a lot of joy, and delight enters the heart of your family by seeing fish of various colors and sizes close-up, and it includes many neighborhoods that can only be seen in South Africa.

Shakaland resort:

It is a unique experience if you are a fan of adventure, it is five, fifty hotel rooms that were built in the form of huts similar to bee houses in a unique way, and tourists can choose to take a tour of the place for a full three hours in order to get to know more about the Zulu nation, And how the Zulu people lived in their own feet, customs, and traditions.

Garden Route:

If you are looking for tranquility, and the beauty of nature, Garden Route is your destination where you can see the flowing water in the southeast coast of the country, and enjoy seeing the dazzling green spaces and unique trees, it is also called the road garden thanks to the spread of plants in it as there are many lakes along the city coast .

Robin Island:

  • It is located inside Table Bay, which extends more than 6 km to the west of the city, and belongs to UNESCO to protect antiquities and nature today.
  • In the past, the city was used as a headquarters for prisoners held in political cases, until the year 1996 AD.
  • You can take a cruise through the yachts on the island, which lasts between half an hour and an hour or a quarter along the coast of Victoria.
  • You will find many buses that take you on excursions around the various sights of Robben Island, as well as connecting you to the ancient prisoners’ quarries.
  • There is Nelson Mandela’s dungeon in the city before he was President of America while he was in detention, and he himself visited it several times after he later became President of the United States of America.

The cost of tourism in South Africa:

Here are the most important information you need to know before traveling to South Africa and to prepare a successful travel plan:

South African airline tickets costs:

If you intend to visit a city in South Africa, you will need $ 700 in travel costs, and in the case of moving from one city to another, you can travel via domestic flight, which has a ticket price of $ 20. As for the overloads in domestic flight, its costs are very high.

Accommodation costs in South Africa:

  • Among the places to stay in Africa for tourists, villas designed on the system of the guesthouse, which are villas that follow hotels, and the cost of the villa often averages about 130 USD.
  • Often the villa consists of two bedrooms in addition to a hall with many different services.
  • You can live on farms, which are known as Al-Azab, and they are located within a wild reserve, and costs more than 1500 USD. The price includes different trips in addition to the three meals.
  • For standard hotels, the room rate is approximately $ 200 for five-star hotels.

The cost of transportation in South Africa:

  • It is preferable to rent a car with a driver if you are going to visit South Africa for the first time for you, and the cost of a luxury vehicle is usually $ 80.
  • As for taking public transportation and taking a taxi, it is difficult to determine the prices, but they are often not high.
  • There are some taxis specialized in transporting tourists from the airport to the hotel, and the cost often reaches $ 35 per person, $ 40 per person and $ 45 per person.

The cost of eating in South Africa:

Most hotels offer you basic meals for free as a comprehensive service but in general if you intend to eat abroad you will not find food prices high compared to the rest of the tourist countries around the world.

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