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Matterhorn Mountain

Matterhorn is a well-known mountain in the Alps, with a height of 4,478 meters, and it extends on the border between the states of Italy and Switzerland, and is 10 kilometers southwest of the village of Zermatt in Switzerland, and the summit of this mountain is similar to when viewed from the Swiss side of the century, and the word Matterhorn means almost The summit in the meadows.

Gongfru Summit

The height of this summit is 4,158 meters. It is located in the south of Switzerland, and it is one of the peaks of the Alps. It was first climbed by the Mayer brothers in 1811, and the mountain pass of Jungfrau reaches 3,454 meters, which is the highest point that trains reach in Europe, and it contains The scientific institute is popular with tourists, and the region is famous for its scenery and winter sports.

Other tourist destinations in Switzerland

Among the tourist places in Switzerland are the following:

  • InterlakenInterlaken is located between Lake Thun to the west, and Lake Brienz to the east, and is one of the popular tourist resorts in the state of Switzerland for summer holidays.
  • LucerneLucerne is one of the well-known tourist destinations in Switzerland, and it is famous for its concerts, the most famous of which is the Chapel Bridge that was built in the fourteenth century, in addition to the Lion Monument located in a small park, and the Swiss Transport Museum that displays all types of transportation.
  • Rhine Falls: These waterfalls, which are located in Sheffhausen, extend over 150 meters. They are the largest waterfalls in Central Europe. June and July are the best times to visit them when the snow melts from the mountain.
  • Lake Geneva: It is the largest lake in the Alps in Europe, and extends on the border between France and Switzerland.
  • Other parameters: Mount St. Moritz, Bern, Lake Lugano, Zurich and Swiss National Park.

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