The best three-day Interlaken tourism program, what do you think if I gave you a free invitation to travel to a city between two lakes? And what do you think if I told you that she is lying in the bosom of the mountain? And it is one of the most magical places on earth? Of course, you will pack your luggage immediately and wait for me at the airport gate, and for this reason today I will talk to Arab travelers about the best tourist places in Swiss Interlaken, the most beautiful part of the earth, continue to the next.

Information about Interlaken Swiss

  • The municipality of Interlaken is located in the district of the Interlaken-Oberhassel district, which is administratively affiliated to the Swiss Canton of Bern, and is considered one of the important and well-known tourism places in Switzerland. Between two lakes, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, it also stretches along the Ari River.

Places to visit in Interlaken

Interlaken is characterized by the multiplicity of places that can be visited, as it combines many different recreational, contemplative and recreational activities, so do not think that your presence in Interlaken will be boring, of course not because you will never really want to return from there and you will pray to God to forget there Forever.

The village of Habkern

  • It is a small, isolated mountain village, with a population of 700 people. One of the characteristics of that village is that its people remained adhering to their local customs and traditions. The village contains many plants and animals significantly and beyond description as it contains many mountain peaks and Hills and you can enjoy the view of the sky and the stars at night. That is why we strongly recommend this village to nature lovers, tranquility and meditation.

Diemtigtal Natural Park

  • What do you think of spending a day in a mountainous environment? Sure it will be different, but what makes the subject more enjoyable is that you will spend a day in the heart of the attractive and famous Alps, where you can do many different things and special experiences such as barbecue and enjoy nature and singing and listening to favorite music or sitting by the beloved, or even entertainment with friends.

The village of Brienz

  • The village overlooks Lake Brienz from the eastern side, and this lake is distinguished by its beautiful turquoise waters that will bring pleasure into your heart without warning, just as this village is distinguished by the tradition of carving on wood, you can even buy a handmade violin as a souvenir from that village, and that The village overlooks the Giessbach waterfall with its stunning flowing water that attracts many tourists every year.

Beatenberg Resort

  • It is considered one of the natural resorts located 10 km from Interlaken and it is characterized by overlooking Lake Thun, Mount Eiger, Monk Mountain and the most famous mountain peak in the Jungfraux Alps, and this is considered the best place for all lovers of calm and psychological peace.

Bönigen and Iseltwald villages

  • These two villages are located very close to Interlaken, where only a car can reach them within ten minutes, and they are located between two mountain ranges and at the end of Lake Brienz, and the village is distinguished by its historical buildings dating back to the sixteenth century, and its people still adhere to local traditions And the primitive countryside life that requires many hours of work, but imagine yourself in the steep mountains and deep blue waters, of course, it will be different and fun at the same time, and there you can practice many activities such as water sports and other recreational activities such as singing or playing with friends or Even th parties Cut the hills.

Lake Thun

  • In that lake lies the magic where you can go on a cruise ship, or you can sit on its banks enjoying the scenic view, or even spend a day with the family or as they call it a cell trip, as there are hotels that overlook this beautiful lake, where you can stay in one of them and You enjoy the fresh air of the lake all the time, and there are walking paths on that lake, so you can go jogging early in the morning while enjoying the view of the lake.

Rural Wilderswil

  • When the area is located in the bosom of Mount Jungfrau and is in an ideal and excellent location, you should stand to reflect the size of the beauty in this imaginary scene, and this region is located 4 km south of Interlaken, specifically at the entrance to the Lucena River Valley and the place is characterized by its presence in more The mountain areas are bright and warm, and there is the village of Gestge Village, in addition to the presence of the village of Saxetin, just 6 km from Wilderswil, which is said to be the village of love, romance and wanderer, so what do you think about going to spend the honeymoon there, certainly it will become more than my imagination Especially if you go there in the winter to enjoy with your wife the romantic skating race Strk where all Alcabalz there.

Harder Kulm

  • It is the bridge that is located at a high distance over the mountain, through which you can overlook the Ary River and the stunning Interlaken Lakes, and to reach it you can ride the Harder Kulm train that walks at a height of 1322 meters above sea level, and you can also have lunch in the panoramic restaurant Which is similar in appearance to the Art Nouveau style.

Unterseen village

  • There is this small village at the foot of one of the Swiss mountains and it is one of the villages formed for the Interlaken region, characterized by its old-style buildings, such as the presence of some small wooden houses lurking next to each other in an amazing way, and in the village there are some rich lush gardens and animal farms spread across the meadows Green, and the most important characteristic of this village is the presence of a church dating back to the late Gothic period. You can have breakfast or lunch in one of the small restaurants serving traditional Swiss cuisine.

St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls

  • What a wonderful thing to pass in corridors through the caves, as if you entered one of the video games, and there is a legend saying that there is a dragon has resorted to these caves when the monk Petos, whose silo is located close to the caves, caught him, and that of course is one of the rarities that It can be light shade for its listeners, but of course it is not real, and most importantly, you can walk through these passages and see underground waterfalls and mirror-like lakes and pouring waterfalls, and you can go there by ship or by bus.

In the end, we wish you a good trip and happy times, and do not forget to visit the places closest to your hearts that you like by asking it in this article, where they can visit them all within three days if you can but it will be very stressful, or you can choose Among those places to visit during your stay and represented in three days, enjoy your time to the fullest extent and do not forget to accompany the distinguished travel companion, which is the camera.



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