The city of Cambridge

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The city of Cambridge

It is one of the university cities located in Cambridge English province, overlooking the River Cam, 80 kilometers north of the capital, London, and its total area reaches 40.7 square kilometers, and over 124 thousand people live there, and it has a group of local borders with neighboring cities It is bordered on the north corner by Heston and Impington, Milton, from the southern corner Shelford, from the eastern corner Torsham, and from the western corner Coton.

The Cambridge History

  • Since prehistoric times, the city was a settlement of many ancient tribes, as remains of buildings over 3500 years old were found.
  • The Romans withdrew from the city in 410 AD in favor of the British.
  • During the seventh century, the city became less important because it was a little ruined.
  • The Vikings arrived in the city in 875 AD while the Anglo-Saxons were in it, and they succeeded in influencing the city’s residents, especially in customs and traditions.
  • William of Normandy built a castle on one of the city’s hills two years after the Battle of England.
  • During the year 1382 AD, the revised town pact was issued, which banned many freedoms after the peasant revolt.
  • The city grew and became home to many properties during the period from 1930 to 1980.
  • During World War II, Cambridge was an important center for the defense of the East Coast by the British Royal Air Force, the Training Center, the Norfolk Regional Center, and many others.

Cambridge Economy

Since ancient times, the economic importance of the city has emerged, as it relied on the agricultural sector because it overlooks the Cam River, as it was a commercial and regional center, and today is a diverse oasis of sectors of the economy, as it includes the sectors (research and development, consulting, software, creative industries, and pharmaceutical industries, Tourism).

Cambridge Highlights

  • Trinity Street (formerly Olaya Street): It is located in the heart of the city to the north of St. John Street, and it is one of its most beautiful streets, which is crowded with shoppers, and contains many shops, publishing offices, and the Saqr Social Club, which was founded in 1872 AD.
  • The Great St. Mary’s Church: It was previously known as the Virgin Saint Mary, and is located on the northern end of the King’s procession in the heart of the city, and its construction dates back to 1205 AD, and on July 9, 1290 AD it was destroyed by burning and was rebuilt at a later time.
  • Fitzwilliam Museum: It is a museum of art and antiquities, and it is located at the University of Cambridge, and receives annually more than 470 thousand visitors annually, and the most prominent feature is that it is available to everyone, and there are no fees to enter it.

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