What is Portugal famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Portugal is officially known as the Portuguese Republic, and it is located in the southwestern part of the continent of Europe, specifically in the Iberian Peninsula, where the Atlantic Ocean is bordered on the western side and the south side, and Spain is bordered on the north and the western side, and its capital is the city of Lisbon, and the system of government is republican Parliamentary, and the legislative power is under the authority of the Portuguese parliament, while the Supreme Council is under the authority of the Portuguese Senate, and the lower house is in the hands of the Portuguese House of Representatives, and its land area is 92,090 km², and its official currency is the euro, symbolized by the EUR, and one of the most famous cities is land Expensive: Porto and Funchal, and Seto, and Braga and Amadora, and Almada, and Okowalva Casim, and Vila Nova de Gaia, and Coimbra and Setubal.

The economy of Portugal

The Portuguese Republic is distinguished by the strength of its economy. It is ranked nineteenth in terms of the strength of the economy globally, as its economy is based on exports and private investment, in addition to traditional products such as: clothing, shoes, wood industries, drinks, textiles, and fish as it is considered one of the largest countries that export fish worldwide. In addition to the prosperity of its tourism sector.

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Tourist attractions in Portugal


Azores is located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and it consists of nine volcanic islands, and the island of São Miguel is one of the largest islands in it, and the islands are characterized by hot springs and coastal cities.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is located along the bank of the Tagus River, near the Atlantic Ocean. The city contains many shops, colorful neighborhoods, historical monuments, Gothic cathedrals, alleys, and bridges.


It is a quiet coastal village characterized by its picturesque beaches that enjoy the warm sun and wonderful yachts. It is also known for its beautiful coastal resort and advanced nightlife, in addition to water sports, and a distinguished group of artists who attracted tourists greatly by displaying their art in the Guimarre Conde Museum located in it.

Other parameters

  • Madeira: Madeira is characterized by abundant castles, churches, restaurants, and historic resorts.
  • Sintra Mountains: Sintra Mountains are located on the coast of the city of Lisbon, and contain many palaces such as the Pena Palace and castles such as Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • Porto: Porto stretches along the hills overlooking the Douro River, on the northern side of the Portuguese Republic.
  • Obidos: Obidos is located on top of the hill on the western side of Portugal in the Centro area.
  • Aveiro City: The city of Aveiro is characterized by movement, and it is called the Rifle of Portugal, due to its beautiful channels that connect with bridges.
  • The small town of Evora: It dates back more than two thousand years, located in the southern part of the Portuguese Republic, specifically on the plains of Alentejo.
  • Algarve: Algarve is characterized by its Mediterranean climate, its picturesque beaches, its beautiful towns, as well as historical places.
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