What is the capital of Belgium

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Brussels is the capital of Belgium

Brussels is considered to be the national capital of Belgium, and it is one of 19 other municipalities located in the metropolitan area, but it is the largest among them, with an area of ​​approximately 32.61 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 179,277 people, and a population of The entire capital is about 1,198,726 people until the beginning of 2020 AD, and the city of Brussels includes many important national buildings and offices; such as the royal palace that is used to implement the presidential responsibilities by the king, and the office of the Presidency of the Ministry in which the ministers meet, as well as the Nation Palace, which includes the Federal Parliament, In addition to k National Bank of Belgium, the State Council and the Court of Cassation.

Climate of Brussels

Brussels, the capital, is characterized by a moderate marine climate, due to the fact that it is due to [[أين تقع بلجيكا|وقوعها] Near the North Sea, and accordingly, temperatures range between 20-25 degrees Celsius during the summer days, and not less than zero degrees Celsius except rarely on winter days, and despite the rare occurrence of snowfall there, except at a rate of two or three during the year However, it is characterized by a relatively high rate of rainfall, which is around 810 mm, due to the precipitation during more than half of the days of the year.

Tourism in Brussels

Brussels has many advantages that drive tourists from all over the world to visit throughout the year, as it has been classified as the European capital and a conference center, and it includes many attractions for tourists that give them the opportunity to enjoy the city or shop in it, such as the way of cooking in the city, And various chocolate shops, in addition to parks and museums where tourists can spend a long and enjoyable time.


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