What is the capital of Haiti

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The country of Haiti is considered one of the countries located on the Caribbean Sea, and it is one of the Spanish colonies in the ancient, and it was also subjected to the French occupation in the year 1626 AD, and Spain’s recognition of this occupation was in 1679 AD. The area of ​​this Caribbean country is estimated to be approximately 27,750 square kilometers. Haiti is located in the western region of the island known as the island of Hispaniola. On the eastern side of the State of Haiti there is the Dominican Republic, and on the western side there are the two states of Jamaica and Cuba, where Haiti is separated from these two countries by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, which is very close to Cuba. Haitian terrain is very rough terrain, as this region is one of the mostly mountainous areas. The climate in Haiti is a tropical climate that varies from one region to another.

The capital of Haiti

The capital of Haiti is a city Port au PrinceAnd this city is the largest city in this country besides being the capital. The Haitian capital was founded in the middle of the eighteenth century, and this city was designed to accommodate about 50 thousand people. Currently, the number of those residing in this country is approximately one million, while in the greater region the number exceeds two million. The majority of the population in this city are of African descent. Also, there are a few mulattos. The slums in this city are distributed, as they occupy large areas of hills in this city. It is one of the cities very poor and very large.

The language in Haiti

Haiti has two official languages: French and Haitian Creole. As for the races of the Haitian people, there are three races in this country: the African black race, the Mulatu race, and the white race. The system of government in this country is a parliamentary republic. As for its population, and according to statistics from 2009 birth date, it was estimated at about 10 million people. The currency of Haiti is the Haitian rug.

Haiti’s earthquakes

The country of Haiti was subjected to a massive earthquake in the year 2010 AD, and the degree of this earthquake on the Richter scale was more than 7 degrees, and this earthquake was the largest of nearly two centuries. Millions of people affected by this earthquake and those who affected their lives reached millions. And after a number of days, this huge earthquake was followed by another huge earthquake as well, and it was a aftershock measuring about 6 degrees on the Richter scale.


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