What is the capital of Japan

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, as well as its political center, and the home of the Head of State, located at 35.69 latitude and 139.69 longitude, and it is one of the largest cities in Japan, located at the head of Tokyo Bay, on the Pacific coast in the center of Honshu, which is the hub of the region The vast metropolitan area that is often called Greater Tokyo, and the largest urban and industrial grouping in Japan, was formerly named after Edo, and then its name was changed to Tokyo, which means the eastern capital.

The city of Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest urban area in the world. It is also the center of the Japanese government, culture and finance for Japan, which is a major transportation center, and an important international traffic center; it includes a dense network of railways, subways, bus lines, and highways. Tokyo Station is a station Central railways for all Japan, and an international economic and industrial center; it contains a large number of world-class higher education institutions, with an area of ​​2,820 square kilometers, and its ethnic composition consists of about 98% of the Japanese population, and less than 1% of other assets, Such as: Koreans, Chinese, and Americans N, and the Brazilians, and the British.

Places of interest in Tokyo

There are many important and famous areas in Tokyo, including:

  • Tokyo Tower: Tokyo Tower is distinguished by its grandeur and grandeur. The tower also witnesses an orange glow in the morning and afternoon.
  • Yokocho illiteracy market : Ameya Yokocho, which is the best traditional market in Tokyo, and is characterized by its unique atmosphere, so that people can get the best offers on various commodities, such as: fruits, fashion, snacks, fish, traditional Japanese clothing, jewelry and shoes.
  • Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine: It is a world famous shrine that attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year, and also includes a garden and a café.
  • Gokokuji TempleGokokuji Temple is a temple that survived the bombings of World War II and the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923.


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