What is the cost of tourism in Russia

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In this article we will present you with a topic on the cost of tourism in Russia, as the country of Russia is distinguished by the diversity of its cultural and tourist attractions, which has made many seek to travel to it, either for tourism or study, and for everyone who does not know the cost of living in Russia we show you through the Arab Travelers website The cost of tourism includes accommodation, transportation and food prices.

The cost of tourism in Russia

Prices of accommodation in Russia

Hotel Prices

  • The price of one night in a one-star hotel in Russia is around $ 26.
  • As for the two-star hotel, it costs about 34 dollars a night.
  • The cost of stay in a 3-star hotel is $ 46.
  • The price of a room in a 4-star hotel is about $ 70.
  • As for the five-star hotel, the price of an overnight stay in the room is $ 174.

Apartment rental rates

  • The rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center ranges from $ 225 to $ 749 per month.
  • As for the one-bedroom apartments located outside the city center, the monthly rental price ranges from $ 150 to $ 450.
  • The average rent for 3-bedroom apartments in the city center is around $ 640.
  • The monthly rent for apartments outside the city center with 3 bedrooms is approximately $ 441.

The cost of transportation in Russia

  • With regard to domestic transport in Russia, the price of one-way ticket is about $ 0.69.
  • The monthly subscription fee for local transportation costs approximately 34 dollars.
  • As for taxis, the meter tariff price starts at $ 4.30, and every kilometer that the car crosses costs about $ 0.55, and the hourly wait time is $ 8.40.

Prices for food and utilities in Russia

  • The average price per person in regular restaurants is 11 dollars.
  • In average restaurants, the price of two meals is about 42 dollars.
  • The average price of fast food in Russian restaurants is about $ 7 per meal.
  • The price of a 1.5 liter water bottle is $ 0.55.
  • As for the prices of basic utilities (electricity, garbage, water, and heating), they reach $ 104 per month, for apartments that cover an area of ​​85 square meters.

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