Where is the city of Greenwich located?

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Greenwich City

Greenwich is one of the most beautiful natural areas in London, and geologists have given it a special interest in the city of Greenwich, London, due to its geographical location on longitude and latitude (0) coordinates, and it is called zero time, as the most famous longitude of the Greenwich Line was named in relation to the name of this city. The line that runs from the north pole to the south pole in length, and the number of lines reaches 360 lines.

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The city of Greenwich, located in the south-east of London in the United Kingdom, Britain takes a geographical location with coordinates GMT + 0, and this town is the largest part of the capital, London. And, when you look at the map of London, you can distinguish this town because it is distinguished by the black line, and the Greenwich line divides the land into two halves, half-east and half-west, as it falls under the distinctive curvature of the Thames.

Longitude Greenwich

It is an imaginary streak that geologists assumed to carry out the process of calculating the timing of cities all over the world according to their distance from the line. This name was given to the line due to its passage from downtown Greenwich, and it divides the globe into two equal sections: an eastern section with 180 longitude lines And a western section with 180 longitudes, as the north pole reaches the south, and the Greenwich line passes in each of the continents of Europe and Africa, as it separates some countries into two parts, including: Britain, France, Mali, Ghana, and Algeria, and the process of calculating the time of the city is as follows: More than one city fell on the same line It had the same coordinates, it takes the same timing as Cairo and Khartoum, and an example of setting the time is the time for the city of Riyadh for example GMT + 3, meaning that three hours are added in relation to the time of Greenwich City, so if the time is in Greenwich 12 then the time is in Greenwich Riyadh will be then three hours more, then the hour will be 15, and so on.


It is symbolized by the abbreviation UT, which is the abbreviation of the initials of the English words Universal Time, and it is a time scale based on the Earth’s rotation around itself, which is an advanced version of Greenwich Mean Time, and dividing the land into latitude and longitude is important to determine the location and timing of any city in relation to These lines divide the ground in length and width.

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