We show you the most important tourist places in Sharjah. It is one of the most beautiful emirates in existence, which is characterized by the presence of beaches on both sides, namely the Arabian Gulf coast and the Gulf of Oman. It was also distinguished by the presence of different cultures within it, and for this reason it was called in the capital of Arab culture in 1998. And it is characterized by the presence of many beautiful places that attract any tourist to it. Here is the most beautiful tourist program in Sharjah from Arab travelers.

Tourist places in Sharjah

Al Mamzar Beach Park

  • It is one of the beautiful beaches distinguished by its stunning natural scenery that attracts everyone.
  • You cannot go to Sharjah and do not spend an enjoyable day there.
  • It contains sands like sparkling gold, as well as many beautiful recreational services.
  • It was opened in 1994 as part of the celebrations of the Arab Towns Organization conference.
  • It has services for children’s games, barbecues and barbecues, and has beach sports fields such as football, basketball and volleyball.
  • It contains a large upscale theater, and many restaurants and cafes that provide delicious meals for all present, and many types of food.
  • It includes a divided mosque for males and females.
  • Its public facilities are clean and quality at the highest level.
  • But it sets some of the general guidelines, such as stopping swimming after sunset in order to preserve the safety of citizens, and you cannot stay overnight, in which photography is strictly prohibited until there are many signs that warn of that.
  • They also impose some restrictions on swimwear, as it should be characterized by moderation to some extent, and be appropriate to the traditions and customs of Emirati society.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

  • It is one of the most important monuments in Emirati society. The main reason for this is that it contains many important artifacts in large quantities.
  • The building also has a wonderful architecture, and was designed in a genius engineering way.
  • It contains many inventions of Muslim scholars, which display their genius in astronomy, medicine, geography, and natural sciences.
  • The number of holdings within it reached five Islamic artifacts, and they are located on the area of ​​seven large porticos with wide areas.
  • Among the most beautiful are the ancient manuscripts of the Qur’an that you see in it, some parts of the true Kaaba clothing, and a miniature model of the noble Kaaba.
  • There is some valuable information on the most important mosques, the largest of which is found throughout the world.
  • There is also a place dedicated to displaying ancient weapons that were used in wars in the thirteenth century AH and other centuries.
  • There are always many exhibitions, especially in October.

Sharjah Aquarium

  • It is one of the water museums in the United Arab Emirates, but it is the most beautiful.
  • It has a huge number of wonderful marine and marine life, which it is impossible to gather like this except in that special place.
  • It is called the magical and dark sea world, due to the breathtaking views inside.
  • There are some fish that need to search for us for a long time, and you may not find them such as clown fish, delicate seahorses, eels, marine rays, sharks and others.
  • It consists of 20 aquariums filled with water, and various colored fishes.
  • It is necessary to visit and take many different photos inside it in order to remain the most enthusiastic anniversary in that visit.
  • Working hours in this place: from deciding to Wednesday at eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and on Thursday and Friday from four in the evening until ten in the evening, as for Sunday, it is an official holiday.
  • As for ticket prices, they reach twenty five dirhams for adults, and 15 for children up to twelve years old.

Ewan Hotel Sharjah

  • One of the most prestigious hotels, with an antique but luxurious feel.
  • It also contains many of the good services that you get from room cleanliness, meals provided at a high level, and the distinctive reception service, as it is characterized by calm and sleep in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • You can take a break in it during the period you are in the Emirate of Sharjah if you do not want to pay a lot of money, because it is affordable.
  • It has many distinguished entertainment services.
  • It is 19.5 km away from Sharjah International Airport.
  • All reviews from his visitors are fantastic and there are no problems encountered.

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